Things To Know For A Successful Move

May 30, 2023

Getting organized, analyzing various budgets and planning the move in advance are essential factors in minimizing setbacks.

For most people, a move represents a life change in which decisions and emotions are combined that cause fatigue, friction and, therefore, stress. It is normal, moving home is a challenge: It involves physical, mental and affective exhaustion, as well as a considerable outlay of money.

Organization and planning are the keys to not succumb to boxes, suitcases and closets that, despite efforts, are never completely emptied. In this sense, there are three basic questions that must be taken into account to minimize the confusion of a transfer and which are explained below: When to do it, how to do it and what to bring.

Anticipating the times, choosing the right company such as H2H Movers or method and selecting the objects conscientiously will avoid setbacks, excessive expenses and unnecessary wear.

When To Move?

Most removals are carried out in the summer months, coinciding with the vacations of children and adults. In this way, more time is available to supervise the movements and carry out all the previous steps, the bureaucratic procedures of changing the address, the organization of the new home and the transfer itself. However, it is not always possible to face a move at the right time, so it is important to determine when it will be done, to have some margin.

When setting a date -regardless of what time of year it is-, it is advisable to do so at least two months in advance. In this way, there will be enough time to organize the things of the house that are left, ask for several estimates to compare them with ease, evaluate if it will be necessary to use furniture storage, classify the objects and make a proper inventory.

What to Bring?

Those who have gone through the experience of a move -both their own and that of others- know that it is an ideal opportunity to get rid of many things that are not used or not needed and that, due to comfort or laziness, accumulate for years. They should also know that it is not only about moving objects from one place to another, but that it starts long before the move, when it is time to decide what will be kept, what will be thrown away and what will be done with the rest.

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The first step is to sort your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t intend to move. Those that are in good condition (clothes, some books or certain furniture) can be donated or sold. Appliances that are very old, or that no longer work well, can be disposed of in the clean points that exist in all cities.

The important thing is to lighten the space at home and remove everything that gets in the way and contributes to increasing the feeling of disorder.

It is also essential to consider if it is worth including certain things in the move or if it is more profitable and practical to buy new things after the move. Some old armchairs will force you to hire more space in the transport vehicle, in addition to slowing down and making the move more expensive.

A set of dishes, even if incomplete, will require special packaging and more careful treatment to avoid breakage. There are many cases in which it is better to renew the belongings than to keep them.

Once you have decided what things will be kept, the next thing to do is start packing them up.

Many moving companies offer furniture packing and disassembly services, but anything that can be done beforehand will save time and lower costs. In addition, preparing the boxes and suitcases ahead of time and without intermediaries will help to better choose the objects and, above all, to prepare a complete list of what they are and where they are. In any case, labeling the packages and doing a thorough inventory is essential, both to identify the most fragile boxes and to prevent things from getting lost in the process.

How to Make The Transfer?

This is the most delicate point, since several issues must be considered. Not all moves are the same; some are more complex than others, so, as a first distinction, it will be necessary to determine if it will be done on your own or if, instead, the services of a company will be required.

Doing the move yourself is cheaper, but more sacrificed. And it is not always possible. In order to know if this option is viable, it is necessary to evaluate the volume of work, the distance that must be covered, the means available and the cost-benefit ratio.

Hiring a specialized company movers near me like “H2H Movers” is good option, and more comfortable. And, in general, it is the most practical. In fact, when there is heavy furniture, valuable and delicate objects, a large number of boxes, long distances or architectural barriers in the arrival or departure buildings, it is the only way to hire specialist “H2H Movers”.

Delegating the move in this way is more restful, but requires previous work: Before putting personal things in the hands of third parties, you have to choose carefully, ask for various estimates and inquire about the type of services and the guarantees they give. The dilemma, then, knows how to choose a company that meets the needs, that offers a good service and charges a reasonable price.

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