Things To Consider Before Booking A Private Jet

December 7, 2020

Everybody has dreamed of flying in a private jet at some point in their life. However, not everyone gets this opportunity. If you are one of the lucky few, you must ensure that your first private jet experience is secure, comfortable, and most importantly, memorable. Even though the experience itself is one of a kind, the task of booking a private jet can be daunting. However, if you take the time to check certain items off your list before booking, you can enjoy the perks of private travel without any hassle. Here is a list of things you must consider before booking a private jet.

Maintenance and Management Team

Flying in a private jet is all about experiencing leisure and luxury. However, it is nearly impossible without a competent management team on board. Consult the provider and inquire about their maintenance and management team to ensure maximum convenience and comfort while flying. Apart from this, the team in charge should also ensure passenger safety and federal compliance. Read reviews online and learn more about the overall flying experience.

Amount of Luggage Allowed

When booking a private jet, most people simply assume that they can carry more bags and exceed the luggage limit. However, this is not always true. Just like commercial aircraft and airlines, certain private jets may have limited compartments and restrictions related to luggage. Before you make an assumption, consult the provider about the luggage limitations. While the number of bags and luggage weight is rarely a problem for single travelers or couples, you must ensure the luggage threshold when traveling with a big group of friends.

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Whether you are taking a normal flight or boarding a private jet, accessing and parking your car at the airport has always been a major concern. In most cases, the parking protocols are mellowed down for passengers flying in private jets. You can drive your car up to your aircraft and board it directly. This saves a lot of time and energy, which is why top businessmen prefer to travel in private jets. Once the jet takes off, the crew manages your luggage and parks your car at the airport. Since the parking protocol is different for every private jet provider, confirm with your airline before you book the jet.

Perks of Early Booking

Contrary to popular belief, booking your private a few months in advance can be extremely beneficial. You will not only get to book the aircraft of your choice but also enjoy a set of curated services, thereby ensuring that you will fly with optimized comfort and convenience.

Before booking your flight, you must also consider your destination. Unless you have a destination in mind, you can check popular locations that most private jets fly to in your state. If you live in California, you are in luck; most airlines in Los Angeles offer private jets for vacation and leisure. These Los Angeles private jets usually fly to exotic destinations such as Hawaii and Fiji. To narrow down your search, look for airports in LA that service private jets of all sizes.

Cost and Payment Method

All jokes aside, hiring and flying in a private jet can be extremely expensive. Unless you are getting an opportunity to fly free, considering the cost and expenses of flying in a private jet is of utmost importance. At times, the cost of flying in a private jet may vary depending on the assigned seats. If a seat is reserved for the jet’s owner or the one paying for the trip, the cost may still vary. Consult the airlines in case you are confused about the cost or payment method.

Security and Identification Procedure

While the cost of booking and management of your private jet are important aspects to be considered, you must ensure that the booking and flying procedure in a private jet is secure. Even though you do not undergo the pain of standing in long lines at the security check when taking a normal flight, most private jets still ask you to carry identity documents that are checked during boarding. Contact the airlines to avoid any misunderstandings regarding your identity documents. At the same time, make a list to ensure that you are carrying every document with you. While only a driver’s license is required for domestic flights, you may need your passport and other identity documents for an international flight.

Lastly, check the rules concerning alcohol limitations on board. The FAA allows passengers flying in private jets to bring their own alcohol, so be sure to check the administration’s rules to know more about beverage allowance and the types of beverages that you can carry onboard. Consider these aspects to have a safe and comfortable private jet experience.

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