There Is More To Holidays Than Presents

kanye-west-christmas-in-harlem5With the Holidays around the corner, author Lee Stoerzinger, says there are areas in our lives that are far more important to discuss than what gifts are under the tree.

Below are just some of those discussions that are made in his book, On the Back Burner.

  • Money: Much of how we think about money is in the financial realm. But how can we also understand the emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of how it works in our lives, and open ourselves to a world of greater balance and perspective?
  • Legacy: What do we want our true legacy to be long after we are gone from this world? How can we align relationships and discussions with family about what we all want? How can we best deal with aging parents, seeking to adhere to their wishes, yet providing meaningful lives in a demanding world?
  • Service & Leadership: How can we help ourselves by serving humanity? How has community service changed so much in our society, and where are we headed? As we look out at the world today, how do we define leadership, who are our leaders, and what do we want from them?

Author, Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®, has practiced wealth management since 1993. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1992 with a bachelor of arts in cumulative finance, Lee began his career as an independent financial representative at his firm, Lee Stoerzinger, Inc., Securities and advisory services offered through SII Investments, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC & registered investment advisor. Lee Stoerzinger, Inc. and SII are separate companies.

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