The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Leather Jackets For Men

May 23, 2022

Few clothing pieces have as much attitude, tradition, or strength as a leather jacket. The leather jacket for men is associated with punk rockers and aviators, motorbikes, and Marlon Brando, but it’s also reasonably flexible. A well-curated wardrobe would be incomplete without one.

Men have been wearing leathers since our knuckles quit scraping the floor, but the modern leather jacket only appeared in the early 1900s. Early aviators and military personnel, most prominently the German Air Force, wore brown leather flying jackets during World War I.

In 1928, the first modern-looking style appeared. Irving Schott, a raincoat maker in Manhattan, created a motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson. This leather jacket, dubbed the ‘Perfecto’ after his favorite cigar, was designed to protect riders from the weather and mishaps. During WWII, the flying jacket was known as the bomber, and it was renowned for its warmth due to its design for use in open cockpits.

Each day, the garment is one of the most expensive added parts to a wardrobe, so be a rebel with a game plan – purchase smartly. If for no other reason, a great leather jacket is one of the few long-term fashion investments you’ll make. These are built to last, age with you, and go with more things than you may expect. Here are some of the best leather jackets for men.

Jacket For Bikers

A cropped leather jacket, usually in black, with studs and asymmetric zips, is the bad boy of the outerwear business. Initially worn by motorcyclists, the asymmetric cut was created to allow riders to lean over their bikes without the fastenings cutting into their bodies.

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The first models had a snug fit, a D-pocket, and lapels that could snap down or fold over each other and zip up. Marlon Brando wore this rough clothing made of goatskin, cowhide, or horsehide in the 1950s.

It’s a modern, edgy appearance that truly works with tight jeans, but it can also be worn as a blazer alternative over an Oxford shirt and knitted tie (in the correct workplace). Whatever you choose, make sure that whatever is underneath is lightweight, as this design should be cut tight to the body.

Jacket For The Field

The field jacket, one of the most underappreciated items of military apparel, is a stone-cold classic that was initially made of cotton drill fabric but has since been updated in leather.

The M-65, as it’s often called, is significantly longer than previous models, with many front pockets and a waist belt. It looks incredibly excellent in deep brown leather, and because it descends below the waist, it will keep you the warmer and better shelter you from the elements.

Jacket Bomber

It’s easy to understand why the original flying jacket has become the best leather jacket for men in recent years.

Though the fundamental style stays the same — a truncated body with a central zip and fitted waist and cuffs — it may be produced in a variety of materials ranging from bright nylon to soft, supple leather.

The bomber jacket is one of the most relaxed outerwear styles a man can own, having been worn on-screen by everyone from Steve McQueen to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. It may take you from skinhead to Scandinavian elegance, but raw denim and a basic white T-shirt or chambray shirt are the most secure match.

Jacket for Racers

Aside from the military and sportswear, one of the most significant inspirations for menswear is the automobile industry — driving shoes, ribbed-knee jeans, etc. You get the racing jacket when you combine the two and wrap them in leather.

After returning from WWII, many troops developed a taste for modifying pre-war motorcycles and racing them between local bars and cafés, necessitating the development of a streamlined, minimalist leather racing gear. Heavy horsehide and a robust main zipper were regarded as adequate protection for the young racers, and by the 1960s, the design known as the ‘Cafe Racer’ had become widespread.

Jacket for Light

As the name implies, the flight jacket was initially designed for pilots and is perhaps the grandfather of all leather jackets. Today, it’s a statement investment item for both pilots and sophisticated civilians alike, being bulky and having a shearling inner for warmth.

Ensure you don’t overdo the layers to keep cool in more ways than one. Everything is kept simple and contemporary with plain slacks and a light gauge knit or T-shirt. Keep the rest of your clothing slim-fit and tailored to balance the jacket’s weight.

Jackets in Faux Leather

Jackets made of faux leather: A genuine leather jacket is not the most animal-friendly option despite its stylish factor. So, if you’re a vegan looking to embrace your inner rockstar, a faux leather jacket is an option.

Although not entirely unjustified, faux leather has an unfortunate reputation for seeming cheap and flashy. Instead of buying online, the key is to put on the jacket in-store and see how it appears with your own eyes. It also doesn’t last as long as genuine leather is thinner, which may be preferable if you’re trying out the design or want a slimmer fit than thick genuine leather, which can occasionally drown the wearer.

Leather Jacket Rules and Recommendations

Get A Suitable Jacket

It is critical to pick a comfy jacket and appropriate for your appearance. Modern trends come and go, so choose one of the traditional forms above, and you’ll be able to wear it with more and for a more extended period.

Warning: Do Not wear it in the rain.

This will cause the skin to become dry and rigid. Let your jacket air dry before applying a conditioner or leather regeneration lotion to protect it from cracking.

Neutral IS the Way to go.

If you want to get the most use out of your leather jacket, choose black or, at a pinch, brown over anything too brilliantly colored.

Keep it Safely Stocked

Use a rounded or cushioned hanger to hang your jacket. When leather is stretched over sharp shapes, it will expand and mold the body.

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