The Top 3 Tips On How To Tailor Your Notecase From Harlem To Hollywood

July 19, 2021

Men need accessories as much as their female counterparts. Sadly, there is not much scope or knowledge about how one could look more presentable. While women go for fancy handbags, clutches, watch, jewelry, and so on, men limit themselves to simpler accessories like a wallet and a watch. While the fear of being slammed for excessively accessorizing is on one end, the lack of accessories on the other end limits men from accessorizing.

If you are looking for a way to add that pizazz to your wardrobe and look professional at the same time, here is a fun tip. You could add that panache to your wallet or notecase and make it look stylish, classy, and dashing all at the same time. But we understand your apprehension on how your look could go wrong if you do not find the right accessories to stylize your wallet. So, here are three tips that would help you tailor the perfect notecase.

Add Your Name

A wallet is something you have with you at all times. It is one of the things that people can never leave their homes without. You should consider these custom wallets as a reflection of your personality and hence unique to you. You could start by adding your name, initials, etc., to it. There are thousands of vendors available online and offline who would create a customized wallet with your name. You could also choose to pick a protective case for your wallet too with personalization in place. This would cost you just a few dollars but would resonate with your style and make people take notice of you wherever you are. 

If you are not a fan of adding your entire name or initials to your wallet, you can also have a designer create a logo with your initials and add it to the wallet. If you are an entrepreneur, you could add your brand logo and the wallet and use them to promote your brand. It could be a great giveaway too at events and conferences for promoting your brand. If you are creating a logo for your name, make sure you are not using a registered brand or a trademark. This could land you in trouble. So, research the customized wallet provider to understand how they go about designing a unique wallet for you before you buy one.

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Motifs and Symbols

If you are on a spree to customize and stylize your notecase, why not take it up a notch from just adding a name. You could create symbolic motifs that resonate with your personality or use motifs that hold special significance in your life. This would set your wallet apart from that of your peers and be a strong reflection of who you are and the ideals that you stand for. The best part is if you would not have to struggle too hard to find a place to get this customization done.

A simple Google search will help you find vendors and websites that let you design your wallet. You can choose a motif or symbol from their existing templates or design one on your own. You could go with a series of patterns, motifs, and symbols or go for a minimalist design for your wallet. The same would be printed on the wallet of your choice. A sturdy leather wallet can withstand the adversities of the climate and general wear and tear. Besides, it would also add a classy touch to your personalized wallet. You could experiment with the colors and go beyond the traditional black wallet. Many millennials and Gen Z consumers are switching to wallets in brown, teal, and blue instead of classic black.

Storage Compartments

The challenging part about stepping outside the house could be to carry numerous things in hand. For instance, you cannot have your cardholder, phone, wallet, and keys all at once. Leaving them in your pocket could make it look awkward too. As it is not always possible to carry a briefcase or a bag around, there is a risk that you might accidentally lose or misplace one of these objects somewhere. As everything from your cards to your phone contains important data, you need to have them with you at all times, without juggling with multiple things in your hands. The solution to this is to invest in a wallet with numerous compartments and meets all your needs. You could get a notecase designed with card slots, a scribbling pad, a phone holder, and a space to keep your money. 

You could have the mobile case designed on the outside of the wallet or add provisions to keep your phone inside it like in a clutch based on your preference. This would not just be a handy accessory to carry around but would also come across as a style statement. As you have everything in one place, you do not have to fumble around, which is a great advantage in a professional setting.

As there might be instances where you should carry some short change around, make sure the wallet you pick has a coin slot. While customizing the wallet, it would help add a key hook, which you could use to keep your keys safe. Imagine stepping out of your house or driving back halfway from your office to realize that you do not have the keys with you. You could avoid such accidents seamlessly. Many people would also prefer to have a money clip, which would help you keep your cash in one place and pinned together.

This way, you could use the coins and notes of smaller denominations first before breaking a hundred dollars every time you need to pay for something small. Collecting all the receipts for the expenses you make is a great way to keep track of where and how you spend money. Adding a slot to hold your receipts together alongside the coins pouch would be a great way to watch your expenses too. Did these tips come in handy and help you tailor your notecase? Do let us know in the comments section about any other innovative ideas that you might have.

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