The Old Bang Gasoline Station At Morningside And 124th Street In Harlem, 1940’s

A beautiful black and white photograph (looking south) of the old Bang Gasoline Station between 123rd and 124th Streets and Morningside Avenue in Harlem, New York, we think the photograph was taken sometime around the 1940s.

With no customers in site, the gasoline station attendant looks in the photographer’s direction as he leans against a pump. Seated behind the gasoline pumps sits a rare circular gasoline station with white painted large columns surrounding the perimeter of the station. Each column is painted white and accented with black paint at the top and bottom of the columns. Also, peaking behind the circular gasoline station (on the left) are the first five letters of the word “Amsterdam” on the building in the background).

If anyone has more information regarding the old Bang Gasoline Station please leave a comment below.

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