The Occupation of Wall Street By Martial

Martial, a HW Intern, spent a day at the Occupy Wall Street protest at Zuccotti Park, the writings and photographs were the end result of the trip:

A place where spirits are flowing like a stormy ocean current.

Agendas are different in different sections of the park, everyone united by one cause.

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Prose, poetry, and music are dispersed to get the attention of the people who walk by, to fuel those who are the movement.

Regardless of the bad weather, police surveillance, uncomfortable surfaces, and bad scents, the people show no signs of weariness.

As long as their message is heard, their trials and tribulations are as minor as the turn of a head.

The police and construction workers are very nonchalant and are typically found on their phones or eating, not attending the meetings.

The police react when sidewalks are flooded with people standing in walking spaces.

No matter where you go, there is never a dull moment in this occupied park.

Text and photographs by Martial.

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