The Necessity And Definition Of Blu-ray Finalization In Harlem And Beyond

December 14, 2023

With the increasing popularity of high-quality and high-resolution recording and the large storage capacity of Blu-ray discs, many people are wondering whether finalizing is necessary for Blu-rays, just like it was for DVDs.

In this article, we will explain whether finalizing is required for Blu-rays and also introduce software and methods for easy finalization.

What is Finalizing a DVD?

Finalizing a DVD refers to the process of completing a recorded or dubbed DVD in a recorder. Normally, a DVD that has been recorded or dubbed cannot be played on other devices. This is because without finalizing, the DVD remains in a writable state.

The video data is not organized, thus preventing playback on other devices. Finalizing the DVD ensures that the recorded video data is organized, allowing compatibility between the playback device and the recording device. This creates a DVD that can be read and played on other devices.

However, it is worth noting that finalizing is not necessary for DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM. These are DVDs that can be rewritten multiple times.

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DVD+RW automatically writes the menu when recording or dubbing and removing the disc from the device. DVD-RW may not require finalizing for playback on compatible devices, but it may be necessary if the recording time is short, so please be aware of this.

Furthermore, both DVD+RW and DVD-RW may require finalizing depending on the recording or dubbing device. Please consult the device’s user manual to check if finalizing is necessary.

DVD-RAM is a standard designed for recording and dubbing on computers. When rewriting the contents of DVD+RW or DVD-RW, all existing content must be erased before rewriting. However, with DVD-RAM, it is possible to rewrite on a file-by-file basis, making it more convenient to use. If you want to record data other than digital terrestrial broadcasting on a DVD, DVD-RAM is recommended.

Do you need to finalize a Blu-ray disc?

In conclusion, finalizing a Blu-ray disc is generally not necessary. This is because Blu-ray discs use a different disc format than DVDs, allowing them to be played on other devices even after recording or dubbing.

However, there are some Blu-ray recorders and PCs that may not be able to play the disc due to the recording format or other reasons. In such cases, finalizing the disc is required.

2.1 When finalizing is necessary:

Although it is rare, there are a few cases where finalizing a Blu-ray disc may be necessary. This mainly applies to creating Blu-rays using recording modes other than DR.

For example, if you record data from an external tuner or record with a lower capacity to save space, you may need to finalize the disc in order to play it on other devices. Finalizing the disc ensures compatibility with various devices for playback and dubbing.

However, when you record in DR mode, finalizing is not necessary. This is because finalizing a Blu-ray disc makes it difficult to change the content of the saved data. Only finalize the disc if you do not intend to modify the data.

2.2 Importance of using the right Blu-ray format:

Did you know that there are two Blu-ray formats: BD-R and BD-RE?

With BD-R, once you have written data onto the disc, you cannot overwrite it. You can only add additional data if there is still available space, and finalizing the disc is required for this. If you finalize the disc without adding additional data, you won’t be able to overwrite any existing data.

On the other hand, with BD-RE, you can rewrite data approximately 1,000 to 10,000 times. However, when you write new data, it will overwrite the existing data, and the original data will be erased.

It’s important to note that BD-RE discs cannot be finalized. For data that you want to preserve without any changes, BD-R is the suitable choice. For recording or dubbing with a recorder that doesn’t interfere or modify the data, BD-RE is the optimal option.

Finalizing a Blu-ray disc is generally not necessary, but there are specific cases where it may be required. Understanding the different Blu-ray formats can also help you choose the right disc for your specific needs.

How to finalize your Blu-ray

3.1 Finalizing with a Recorder

Finalizing a Blu-ray disc is automatically done on recorders from Sony and SHARP. However, for Panasonic recorders, manual finalization is required.

The specific steps for finalizing may vary depending on the model of the recorder. Generally, you would start by selecting “Media” from the options like “Home,” “Start,” or “Function List” and then pressing “Enter.”

Next, select “Blu-ray (BD)” and then choose “BD Management.” From there, select “Other BD Device Playback (Finalize)” and press “Yes” or “Execute” to begin the finalization process.

The duration of finalization can vary, sometimes taking just a few minutes, while other times it may take around an hour. It is important to note that once the finalization process starts, it cannot be interrupted. If you would like to learn about dvd コピーガード 解除, you can read this article.

3.2 Finalizing with dedicated software

Blu-ray discs can also be finalized using dedicated software that can be used on a computer. There are multiple software options available for finalization, and the procedures may vary depending on the software used.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy: A Blu-ray Finalization Software

First, download and install DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for free.

Once launched, select the source. Double-click on the DVDFab icon and choose the data from the program. Then, click on “Copy” on the software interface and insert the disc you want to read into the optical drive.

Next, select the “Blu-ray Copy” mode under “Copy Mode” and set the output video. Click on “Start” to initiate the copy process, which will include the finalization.

In addition to this simple operation, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy offers many attractive features. It allows for high-quality compression of Blu-ray videos, saving them as ISO files on the hard disk, and creating lossless backups. It is a comprehensive software that satisfies the needs of many individuals seeking a Blu-ray decryption and backup solution.

You can also take advantage of the customization feature to select multiple titles or chapters for copying, or even merge multiple BD contents into one.

If you’re unsure about which software to choose for finalization, give DVDFab Blu-ray Copy a try.


This article has provided detailed information on the necessity of finalizing Blu-rays and the methods using dedicated software. While generally unnecessary, there are cases where finalization is required. By utilizing the methods and software introduced for recorders, we can successfully create read-only discs. The DVDFab Blu-ray Copy method, in particular, is easy to use and offers various customization options, resulting in satisfying Blu-ray discs. A free trial version is available for testing, so I encourage you to take advantage of it. If you would like to learn about abema 保存, you can read this article.

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