The Merchant Mueller Tailor. Building Harlem’s Little Bespoke Shop 1900’s

Two little Harlem boys look at the photographer as they stand against the railing in front of an amazing Merchant Mueller Tailor. architectural building somewhere in Harlem, NY, during the early 1900s (we think earlier than listed).

This rare photograph found on e bay by an anonymous photographer taken of this Harlem merchant tailors store who was a custom tailor, at the time custom tailors owned their own businesses and supplied the fabrics they used. In addition, to this Victorian architectural building, there is an amazing brick chimney at the back of the building sticking up at the top, with a flag pool sticking up front.

What makes this photograph even more amazing is the white picket fence running from left to right peeking between the end of the photograph to the left and behind the Mueller building to the right.

If you know anything about this building please leave a note in the comments box below. Via source.

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