The J-Bird Music For The Arts First Annual Benefit Gala 2018

New York nonprofit J-Bird Music for The Arts is pleased to announce its First Annual Benefit Gala on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 from 7-9 PM in New York City! JBMFTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides services that nurture a community supporting performing arts and music in education for youths throughout New York State. The Benefit Gala will take place in the historic ArtSpace Building / PS109 located at 215 E. 99th Street in upper Manhattan. Proceeds from the event will go towards the organization’s mission of supporting performing arts in New York education.

The event will be hosted by the organization’s Founding Executive Director, Joanne J-Bird Phillips, who is a Bronx native and a long-time resident of Long Beach, NY. Having enjoyed and performed music most of her life, learning drums at age seven, Joanne is a Hartke endorsed bass guitarist and hand-percussionist. Phillips founded J-Bird Music for The Arts six years ago in order to help keep the performing arts alive and accessible to all. Through special events and collaborations, JBMFTA provides resources, musical instruments and necessary equipment so that all young people may experience the joy and excitement of learning, performing and/or appreciating the performing arts.

The Benefit on Oct. 3rd will feature special performances by two young musicians from Goshen Central High School in Orange County, NY, where JBMFTA provided a flute in a hard shell case and a new acoustic guitar for their music program. In addition, Lexy Cassell, student at New York’s prestigious Long Island High School of the Arts and the first Youth Ambassador for J-Bird Music for The Arts will be performing as well as, NYC singer-songwriter, Jordan Siwek who will bring his energetic live performance of his original songs from his new album, Sun Inside You.

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