The Importance Of Precast Concrete Manholes

March 22, 2021

Precast concrete is known as a construction product. It is generally produced by casting the concrete in molds.

It is widely used in low and mid-rise buildings, motels, hotels, and hospitals. It provides great fire resistance and sound control. It is also used in various office constructions. With precast concrete, one can easily build spaces for parking structures and even stadiums due to its ease and speed of formation. There are two types of precast concrete products available known as Standard product and special product. Standard products consist of decks, beams, railroad ties, and other repetitive structures while special products consist of customized products that are manufactured specially for a specific structure or a building.

One of the structures constructed with Precast concrete is the manholes. It is considered one of the integral components of the modern sewer system. To get the uniform and quality structure these precast concrete manholes are constructed in a controlled environment. With a well structured and designed precast concrete manhole one can expect superior watertight performance for a longer period. Precast concrete manholes are created of various sizes and depths and can be even assembled if there is no skilled labor at the construction site.

Today we will be discussing a few features of the Precast concrete manhole. Let’s take a look!

Easy Installation

Precast Concrete Manholes are in demand due to their easy installation method as compared to the regular cast-in-place concrete or brick manholes. These manholes can be easily installed as per the requirement and can be even backfilled immediately. Here you do not need to wait for a mortar to be cured at the site. The installation of a Precast concrete manhole is easier even with the soil compaction around it as well as the remaining trenches. Due to this most of the contractors are aware of handling the precast concrete manholes and the installation process.

Water Tightness

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Precast concrete Manholes are manufactured while considering the water tightness factor. ASTM 478 is known to be the Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Manhole sections. It defines the quality of the manufactured watertight precast concrete manholes. You will get standard watertight sealants and gaskets that are used with precast concrete which will make the manhole construction procedure very easy. As per the experts, the vacuum test is done in the plant or the field to verify the water tightness.

High Strength

Generally, the strength of Precast concrete increases with time as compared to the other materials that can lose strength. Due to its structural qualities, it is capable of carrying the load and does not need any surrounding back lift materials.


According to the expert’s Precast concrete products can last for more than 100 years. It can be also customized as per the service conditions to extend its life. Hence precast concrete products are in demand considering the life cycle of the project or the construction. Precast concrete will not burn, rot or rust for a longer period.

Environment friendly

Concrete is made with cement, gravel, air, water, and sand. It is nontoxic and the most used material in construction. Hence it is environmentally friendly. Precast concrete can be recycled for other foam work. You would see the reduction of construction waste generated on the job site while installing the precast concrete manhole. Even the wastewater generated at the plant can be reused in the manufacturing process. The steel products used in the concrete reinforcement process are generally 95% consumer recycled content.

Fire resistant

Precast Concrete manholes are inflammable. During the process of installation, the temperature at the manhole is not set for more than 200F and hence the fiberglass stays intact and does not lose its structural integrity. Generally, the high-density polythene melts at 266F. These precast concrete manholes are considered to be completely fire resistant.

Best Quality

Since precast concrete is environmentally friendly and stronger in strength, the manholes made of it are considered to be of the best quality. It survives under various climatic conditions and temperatures.

Weather dependency

Any changes in the weather do not affect the Precast Concrete Manhole construction since it takes comparatively lesser time for installation than the other ones like brick or cast-in-place concrete.

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