The Dos And Don’ts In The Pursuit Of Style

August 25, 2020

Living in the internet era and being fed by different influences through social media, makes it confusing to choose a style that’s solely you.

Every day, there is an array of different options and criteria to make a fashion statement, and this continuous change will only evolve over time. In this article, we will transform that confusion into inspiration so you can find your own style that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Finding Your Style: A Must-Remember

“Style,” or for a more specific sense “personal style,” is how a person presents themselves thru their clothes, accessories, hairstyle, and anything else that creates their whole ensemble.

When styling, most want to be unique, to be outstanding, and memorable among the rest — to remind the world that your style is very “you.” Being unique doesn’t mean you need to do everything differently, but there are some boxes you need to always be able to check when finding your own style.

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  1. Choose comfortable. Indeed, the famous saying “beauty is pain” has been proven to be true again and again. However, when it comes to finding style, choosing something you’re comfortable with is the way to go. We say so because it will be hard for you to pull off an outfit that makes you uncomfortable. It’s also easier to exude confidence when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing! You can choose women’s hoodies or fancy jeans and look gorgeous.
  2. Take advantage of your freedom of expression. Every action is an expression, and your styling yourself is most definitely a part of it. Express yourself, feel free to use your favorite colors, or experiment with new ones. Wear patterned sweaters over patterned tank tops. Wear large accessories or dainty ones, put on bold makeup or none at all — there are no rules when you want to express yourself.
  3. Know your body type. You are free to wear whatever you like but to be able to wear the styles that will look the most flattering on you, it’s important to know your body type. With this, you can work around what clothes and fabrics fit you best to come up with the most suitable mix and matches.
  4. Be practical.  Sure, there’s nothing wrong with following what’s on-trend, but investing in sustainable and slow fashion has more benefits. Aside from staying in-style, you get to help the environment and to build a sustainable future.
  5. Keep evolving. Learning how to style yourself is a continuous process, and it’s okay to make mistakes and wear pieces that don’t really suit you along the way. You just have to take notes of these mishaps so you can develop your sense of style and perfect it over time.

Now that you know what you should remind yourself when choosing your style let us go to some styles that can work on you.

The Different Types of Styles on Your Feed

These are the usual styles you see while scrolling through social media.

The Athletic

One of the most comfortable fashion styles, the athletic look is easy to attain with the emergence of different brands focusing on sportswear — a trend that anyone can wear outside even if they’re not in the gym or participating in sport. Included in this wardrobe are sports bras, oversize sweatshirts, and of course, the one that everyone loves, leggings.

The Bohemian Chic

Inspired by the 1960s and 70s America, the “hippie” fashion celebrates peace, love, and freedom wrapped in their festive culture. This style has been a trend for the past several years and has always been popular. For women, it is composed of floral prints and dyed fabrics that are usually earth-colored accompanied by accessories such as a flower crown.


Fashion inspiration is everywhere, even in the hallways of schools and universities. This type is influenced by private school uniforms, seen through polo shirts, khaki pants, and checkered mini-skirts.

Glamming and Rocking

Originating way back to the 70s and 80s fashion, the glam and rock look still heavily influences even the new trends these days. Boasting a “dark and fierce” concept that rock bands popularized before, this type of style can be seen in leathers, outrageous costumes, and glitters.

Fashion on the Streets

Expensive sneakers, logo shirts, cropped tops, and denim jeans — these are the usual go-to’s for street fashion. Those who like this style value comfort and claim the street as their runway.

Classy and Fancy

Who says the only place you can wear your favorite formal dress and heels is in the office? Go ahead and rock the classy look with the formal wear you love. Aside from feeling like you can command any room you step into, this type of style is also praised for its simplicity and sophistication.

Everyday Basics

Unsure of what your style should be and just want to throw on what’s already in your wardrobe? It’s okay to go casual and take your fashion upgrade slowly. You don’t always have to be wearing high-end pieces. You can simply choose what you wear every day and add some accessories here and there.

Just remember that how you dress will also depend on where you will go and what occasion you’re attending. You are free to wear whatever you like but also take into account the message you want to send when you strut your style.

Finding Your Style: Where to Start?

Now that you have some idea what type of style you want to start your fashion venture in, where do you go from there? Do you buy the newest clothes in that style? Do you need to throw away your old ones? Here are some tips on what you can do next after knowing what style you want to try.

  1. Find inspiration. Surf the internet, save pictures of the style you want, create your own style around it.
  2. Look into your closet. You don’t have to throw anything away, instead, you can repurpose them or save them for later. You can use them for the next inspirations and ensembles.
  3. Have fun! Developing your style is a very fun journey, one that you should enjoy and not stress over. It’s an avenue for self-discovery and self-improvement as you build your confidence along the way.
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