The Community Education Council District 4 Town Hall Meeting In Harlem

Please see attached the official flyer (above) for The Community Education Council Town Hall Meeting with Chancellor Carranza on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at 6:30 pm.

This is the best opportunity to ask the Chancellor about issues and concerns about our children in District 4.

Also, be advised of the following, the format for the Town Hall Meeting will be in the form of written questions and answered by the Chancellor at the Meeting. In order for the Town Hall Meeting to be successful, they are sending, as an attachment, the question/comment cards.

Please fill them out and send them back to us to our email address at, or bring them to the meeting, they will be collected and read to the Chancellor for him to answer.

They encourage the parents and the public, in general, to use the question/comment cards so we can have as many questions as possible and please include all your concerns.

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The space is located at Tito Puente Education Complex at 240 East 109th Street NY, NY 10029

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