The 7 Best Neighborhoods In Knoxville, TN To Live In

September 5, 2023

Ah, Knoxville! The underestimated gem of Tennessee. Why Knoxville?

You might ask. Aside from its unmistakable Southern charm and its breathtaking vistas of the Smoky Mountains, Knoxville provides the best of both worlds: a lively urban scene nestled in nature’s embrace. 

The city boasts some of the best neighborhoods in Knoxville that cater to a range of preferences. Whether you’re new to Tennessee or relocating within the state, finding the best places to live in Knoxville, TN is essential. Let’s explore together.

In considering our move, the question of location remains paramount. What are the best places to live in Knoxville, TN? Various factors come into play: affordability, proximity to amenities, cultural vibes, and more. In this guide, we’ll delve into the heart of Knoxville neighborhoods, uncovering their unique atmospheres, attractions, and lifestyles.

Sequoyah Hills

Sequoyah Hills isn’t just one of the best neighborhoods in Knoxville; it’s a classic beauty. With its tree-lined streets and charming, vintage homes, this neighborhood exudes sophistication. The Lifestyle & Atmosphere here combines the serenity of suburban life with the proximity of city life. It’s perfect for those who want a tranquil environment without feeling too removed from the downtown pulse.

Popular Spots & Landmarks in Sequoyah Hills are aplenty. One can’t discuss this area without mentioning Sequoyah Hills Park. This beautiful parkland along the Tennessee River is the ideal spot for afternoon picnics, sunset walks, or just some peaceful contemplation. For many, it’s one of the nicest neighborhoods in Knoxville, TN, given its harmonious blend of nature and architecture.


The dynamic Bearden seamlessly integrates contemporary designs with rich traditions. Known as one of the best neighborhoods in Knoxville, Bearden’s Lifestyle & Atmosphere provides a blend of modern apartments, vintage homes, and a bustling community life, making it an attractive destination for various age groups.

Popular Spots & Landmarks in Bearden include the Bearden Beer Market – a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. It not only offers a fine selection of ales but also serves as a communal hub, reflecting the Knoxville neighborhoods’ spirit of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville is where the action converges. Its Lifestyle & Atmosphere cater to those who crave the energy of urban life. Here, amidst the historic buildings and modern developments, you’ll discover a potpourri of events, eateries, and entertainment. This is why it’s often touted as one of the best places to live in Knoxville, TN for young professionals and art enthusiasts.

Among its Popular Spots & Landmarks is the historic Market Square. Filled with shopping outlets, restaurants, and seasonal events, this space embodies the vibrant spirit of Knoxville neighborhoods. Whether it’s a weekend market or a musical gig, there’s always something brewing at Market Square.

Island Home

Island Home stands as a serene escape amidst the best neighborhoods in Knoxville. Its Lifestyle & Atmosphere are largely defined by green parks and a close connection to the river, making it a sought-after spot for nature lovers and families.

Popular Spots & Landmarks here include the Ijams Nature Center. An exquisite location for hiking, bird-watching, or just reconnecting with nature, this center solidifies Island Home’s reputation among the nicest neighborhoods in Knoxville, TN.

Fountain City

Fountain City, one of the treasured Knoxville neighborhoods, weaves history and charm seamlessly. Lifestyle & Atmosphere here evokes nostalgia, with its historic landmarks acting as reminders of bygone eras. Families and history enthusiasts will find this neighborhood particularly enchanting.

In terms of Popular Spots & Landmarks, Fountain City Lake stands out. This picturesque locale is a family-favorite, offering pedal boats, picnicking spots, and a serene environment to unwind.

West Hills

Known for its communal vibes, West Hills is undoubtedly among the best neighborhoods in Knoxville for families. The Lifestyle & Atmosphere here is centered around community events, schools, and parks, making it a wholesome environment for both kids and adults.

Popular Spots & Landmarks feature the West Hills Park, an expansive space equipped with a playground, tennis courts, and walking trails. It acts as the neighborhood’s heartbeat, often filled with families and individuals enjoying their day.

Fourth and Gill

The artsy and vibrant Fourth and Gill stands out in the list of Knoxville neighborhoods. Its Lifestyle & Atmosphere is painted with an artistic brush, making it a hotspot for creatives. Historic homes line the streets, interspersed with unique boutiques and art studios.

Central Street is among its Popular Spots & Landmarks. As the main artery of this area, it is bustling with life, hosting events, parades, and markets that showcase the neighborhood’s eclectic spirit.

Considering Knoxville, TN Your Place To Live In?

Knoxville, TN is not just a city; it’s an experience waiting to be explored. Nestled amidst the grandeur of the Smoky Mountains, it seamlessly blends urban vivacity with serene natural beauty. One of the standout features of this vibrant city is the **best neighborhoods in Knoxville**. 

These neighborhoods, with their distinctive charms and amenities, cater to various lifestyles, ensuring that there’s a perfect spot for everyone. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a budding artist, or someone seeking the bustling rhythm of city life, the best neighborhoods in Knoxville will not disappoint. 

Their blend of history, culture, and modern amenities make Knoxville a top contender for those seeking a balance in life.

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