The 3 Best Ways To Travel With A Service Dog

Service dogs are incredible animals. They are devoted to helping their owners live happy, fulfilling, and independent lives by assisting them in day-to-day tasks.

While some tasks may be more difficult than others, service dogs work diligently to ensure that their owners can go about their lives and experience the things they want to experience.

Traveling with a physical disability, for example, is possible because of these expertly trained animals. If you have a service dog and are interested in exploring the world, it is possible. There may be a couple of extra things to think about and plan for, but you can be on your way to an adventure in no time.

To clear up any of your concerns, we have created a list of the best ways that you can travel with your service animal to make it a wonderful trip to remember!

1. Plan a Road Trip

The easiest way to travel with your animal would be by going on a road trip. Having your car with you gives you an extra sense of independence and will allow you and your service animal to see what there is to see on your terms.

Whichever method of travel you choose, it is essential to note you should still make sure that you have completed the service dog registry. Registration will help calm any fears when you reach your destination and help make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Road tripping is easy and relatively inexpensive. It just might be the perfect option for you to travel with your service dog by your side!

Note: If your disability interferes with your ability to drive, do not worry! There are plenty of rideshare programs available that would allow you to get around with someone else behind the wheel. And, if this isn’t the option for you, there are plenty of other ways to get around that we will cover below.

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2. Fly to a New Destination

If you are looking to explore some far-off destinations, you will be happy to know that you can bring your service dog along with you on most flights. Again, accurate registration is going to be necessary for this instance.

Flying with an animal may seem a little stressful initially. Still, most airlines have protocols in place and trained staff to ensure that you and the dog have a peaceful and comfortable flying experience.

Planning and communicating with the airline about your needs is the best way to avoid unnecessary issues when you get to the gate. Soon, you and your service dog will be on your way to independent travel!

3. Use Public Transit

One final way to travel with your service dog is to use public transit. This option may limit you to more local destinations, but there are ways to get around solely using these modes of public transportation.

You may need to get creative and map out some bus or train routes, but there is no reason that you and your animal can’t get where you would like to go!

The Takeaway

Traveling with service animals is very doable and shouldn’t be stressful for the animal or the owner. These modes of transportation are some of the more straightforward ways that you can get to travel with your animal right by your side.

Do some research to see which of these travel options would work best for you and your service animal based on where you would like to visit. Don’t waste any time and get to living your dream adventures now!

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