The 2019 Charter Revision Commission Public Hearing To Improve City Government

The 2019 Charter Revision Commission is at work, holding public hearings in each borough from Harlem to Hollis to solicit the public’s ideas for improving city government.

The Hearing will take place at 6:00 pm next Thursday, September 27, 2018, at the City Council Chambers in City Hall, it’s Manhattan’s turn.

The Charter 2019 effort – resulting from a local law co-sponsored by Council Speaker Corey Johnson, Public Advocate Tish James, and me – is taking a fresh, top-to-bottom look at the city’s main governing document. This kind of full-scale review hasn’t been conducted since 1989. The Commission is spending a full year examining all aspects of the City Charter and will propose changes to be approved by the voters on the November 2019 ballot.

Although not required, reservations to testify at hearings are appreciated and encouraged! To make a reservation, send an email to with your name, organizational affiliation (if any), and contact information. Those with questions about the hearing and/or testifying should also email that account.

Note, you do not need to be present at a public hearing to submit testimony. At any time, you can submit your ideas via the Commission’s website at < >.

Via MBP Gale Brewer

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