The 2012 Apollo Spring Gala Benefit

On June 4th, 2012, at the Apollo Theater Spring 2012 Gala Benefit in Harlem guests included Lionel Richie, Sinbad, Richard Parsons, Gayle King, Leon Robinson, Eddie Levert, Michael Woodward, and Maurice Hines.

Jonelle Procope

Gayle King

Tina Atkins-Campbell and Erica Atkins-Campbell of Mary Mary

Leon Robinson

Sinbad and Ray Chew without the crew.

Debra L. Lee

Eddie Levert

Vikram Pandit, CEO, Citigroup Inc., Michael Moussa-Adamo, Gabon’s ambassador to the U.S., and Richard Parsons, former chairman of Citigroup Inc. and the chairman of the Apollo, at the Harlem theater’s spring benefit last night.

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