Rats, Rats, Rats, Harlem Tops Manhattan In Rat Complaints, Study Shows

The presence of rats will always be an inconvenience to homes and commercial buildings. For many, this is the nastiest nuisance that a property can ever have. No one wants to live in a home where you know germs and other diseases may be lingering around, simply because there are rats. As to commercial buildings, clients can also immediately feel turned off from patronizing a business once they see rats. More so when you’re in the food industry, the last thing that anyone will ever want to see is the presence of rats lingering right around the corner. Harlem In The Top Spot Of The Manhattan Rat Problem In New York, this is a pressing problem in some places. Yes, even in the Manhattan area, the infestation of rats is troublesome. In this case, Harlem is winning the New York City rat race. And, this is a race that no one ever wishes to win or have the top spot at. How gross must it be, having the recognition as one of the most rat-infested areas in the state? With nearly 250 rat complaints in 2018, a small portion of Central Harlem topped Manhattan in the rate of complaints related to the persistent vermin, according to a new study published by RentHop. The Rat Statistics At Harlem The area defined as “South Central Harlem”, which appears to be located between 110th and 126th streets above Central Park — had 247 rodent complaints in 2018, good for a rate of 464.9 annual complaints per square mile. The only other neighborhood to top the slice of Harlem was Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, which had a rate of 529.7 rat complaints per square mile. Rounding out the top five were Yorkville with 399.3 average yearly complaints per square mile, Hamilton Heights with 336 and Clinton Hill with 334.9, according to the report. The numbers for other sections of Harlem include:
  • Morningside Heights: 160 total complaints, 212.2 annual complaints per square mile
  • East Harlem South: 145 total complaints, 207.3 annual complaints per square mile
  • East Harlem North: 162 total complaints, 190.7 annual complaints per square mile
  • Central Harlem North-Polo Grounds: 432 total complaints, 295 annual complaints per square mile
  • Manhattanville: 65 total complaints, 181.7 annual complaints per square mile
  • Hamilton Heights: 226 total complaints, 336 annual complaints per square mile
These statistics are nothing but alarming. It only shows the severity of the problem, and how it’s very important to get into the root of all of the rat problems in the area. The key here isn’t in having temporary solutions. Rather, a more permanent approach should be applied. In so doing, these statistics are going to decrease drastically, until it reaches a point where the problem is solved in its entirety. That should be the end goal. The Statistics Of New York, In General When taking the whole state in toto, New Yorkers logged 17,353 total rat-sighting complaints to the city government this past year, 9 percent fewer than in 2017, according to the RentHop report published Monday. But that’s the second-largest number among the five major cities for which the real estate website analyzed 311 data. The critters were especially abundant in Manhattan and Brooklyn, RentHop’s figures show — the former logged the most complaints per square mile at 188.2, while the latter had the most complaints overall with 6,565. Complaints to 311 offer insights into where New Yorkers are reporting rat problems most frequently, but there are limits to its usefulness. Research has shown that different demographic groups and neighborhoods use 311 services at different rates, requiring governments to analyze other factors when evaluating complaints, according to a 2016 article in Governing Magazine. Final Word Yes, rat infestation will always be a serious problem. But, thankfully, it’s more controlled right now. The presence of rat solving businesses paves the way for providing the right solutions to combat this serious matter. Residential and commercial areas will no longer have to suffer the presence of these rodents. If you’re from around Manhattan, particularly Harlem, it, therefore, helps for you now to reach out to professional rodent companies to provide you with permanent solutions. Now you don’t have to fall within the numbers of the rat problem in Harlem.