6 Tips That Will Help You Organize Your Home Better

Nobody likes a home where there is an abundance of stuff lying around, just taking space.  Continue Reading →

How To Organize A Perfect Party And Save Time And Energy

There’s no doubt that organizing a party is exciting, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Continue Reading →

How To Organize A Homemade Pizza Party

By Bretton Love

If there’s one type of food that everybody loves, it’s pizza. This versatile treat, with modest origins, has conquered the hearts of food lovers all over the world. Continue Reading →

How Can I Get My Local Government To Pay Attention To Me In Harlem?

If you didn’t like a “recent election,” and you’ve been trying to get your city council in Harlem or Hollis to pay attention to some issues in your neighborhood that have been going on for a while now. Continue Reading →

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