Seitu’s World: Harlem Havana At Harlem Hospital Mural Pavilion As Part Of Harlem Week 2019

Photographs by Seitu Oronde

On Monday, the 5th of August, 2019 Sietu attended the Harlem Havana event during Harlem Week 2019 at Harlem Hospital Mural Pavilion as part of HARLEM WEEK in Harlem. Continue Reading →

Seitu’s World: Harlem/Havana 2016 In Harlem (Photographs)

havana1Photographs By Seitu Oronde

On Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21, 2016, photographer Seitu Oronde was at Harlem Weeks first annual Harlem / Havana event to document the peoples, places and faces in Harlem, New York. Continue Reading →