Surprising Lifestyle Benefits Of Playing Music

November 5, 2020

Learning to play any musical instrument as a hobby comes with so many benefits to your lifestyle. From building up your confidence to enhancing your cognitive skills, there are many reasons to check out the best drum brands or guitar brands.

Here are a few reasons you should pick up a keyboard, drum set, or any other instrument today:

  1. Learning to Play an Instrument Can Make You Smarter.

Many notable intellectuals throughout history are well-documented music lovers and for a good reason. There is a direct correlation between academic success and musical training in people of all ages, from children to adults.

Learning to play and playing an instrument—such as the piano, drums, trumpet, sax, or guitar—will stimulate your brain. The neural stimulation leads to improved abstract reasoning skills and memory, essential functions both in life and in science and math.

  1. You Will Experience Less Stress.

There have been numerous published studies surrounding the effectiveness of playing music to relieve stress. Listening to the calming melody that you produce with your instrument will lower your cortisol levels (which is the stress hormone) when facing a stressor.

If you find yourself getting stressed out easily, try taking some deep breaths and playing a familiar song. Once you’re more comfortable playing, you can create your own rhythms to express your emotions.

  1. Playing Music Makes You More Patient.

The actual act of learning to play a new instrument isn’t always a walk in the park. You have to train your mind and body to transition in precise motions to create specific results. It takes time to develop a technique and memorize this new information.

With consistent practice, over time, you will find that your skills are improving. Each new milestone is a solid motivation to keep improving.

This goal-oriented approach to learning teaches that you can’t expect immediate results. However, if you are patient and persevere, you will achieve the goal you desire.

  1. Your Social Life Will Also Benefit.

Music is good food for your brain, but it is also a great way to expand upon your social circle. At any stage of your life, joining a group of musicians will encourage you to develop relationships with diverse people.

This community is also a great way to build leadership and team-building skills. Musical groups have to work together and experience the highs and pitfalls together, bringing lots of fun memories and bonding moments.

  1. The Practice Cultivates Creativity.

Music is an art form. It’s also a language. The more “words” that you learn, the better you can express your thoughts. Sure, you start your learning by practicing simple songs until you have them right. But once you have those down, you can express your emotion through sound.

Whether you are creating an entirely new song, or playing a unique take on a known song, learning to play an instrument will enable you to utilize your creativity.  Also, can you use Midi Packs to make music.

  1. Your Self-Confidence Will Increase.

As you become more comfortable with your self-expression from practicing your instrument, you will also notice a boost in confidence. This emotional benefit is especially prominent in children.

Begin by having the child start to expand their audience from just their parents to their teacher, and then eventually to other pupils and concert audiences. They will become more confident when presenting their work in a non-school related context the more they play in public.

The Takeaway

Playing an instrument offers abundant benefits for your mind, body, and relationships. Pick up an instrument today and start practicing. In Harlem, you’ll meet plenty of musicians to give you tips and encourage your learning.

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