Summertime Projects: 7 Home Improvements To Do This Summer

May 19, 2021

The best season to do your projects is during summer, where you won’t have to worry about anything, e.g., snow.

Since most individuals are stuck at home this year, whether you’re a student or a parent, there’s no denying that you can see things that you want to change in your home when you can’t leave the house.

Were you thinking of renovating your home but you don’t know where to start? Consider the seven home improvements mentioned above to beautify your home this summer:

1. Change your Mattress

Can you recall the year when you last changed your mattress? The one thing in your bedroom that you will spend hours at is your bed. The thing you’re laying down for a good portion of your life must be healthy and in its tip-top shape. If you’re experiencing more neck and backaches, allergies, you can see molds in your bed; then this is the season to change your mattress for a new one.

Suppose you’re having difficulty finding the best mattress to go with your preferences; go to websites like Newsweek. It talked about the different beds and how well they go with back pain, for example. Conduct extensive research before purchasing a mattress so that you wouldn’t be stuck with a bed that you don’t want.

2. Renew your floors with paint

When purchasing a house, sometimes the walls or flooring don’t match your preferences. You can renew your flooring over the summer with paint. When your budget is limited, you can do this by creating a checklist for your floors.

When you have walls painted with light blue, use beige and white for your flooring in a checked pattern to go with the walls. You can update your space, and it will suit your tastes.

3. Rewire a Vintage Lantern

If you have a 20th-century house, one of the reasons you might have bought the house is because of the hanging lantern situated in the entryway. Vintage hanging lanterns were well-known because it looked like it was created by blacksmiths, rather than in the factory.

The rustic design of these lanterns has a back-to-basics design. It’s still popular on the market; if you found one in a yard sale or you have one stored in your attic, you can attach it by getting the parts, and it’s budget-friendly! Adding a vintage lantern to your home or fixing the wires makes it more friendly to visitors.

4. Add a fresh bead of caulk.

It’s time to face that aging caulk head-on this summer. Please don’t ignore the signs of a brown tinge in the edges or the skin turned cracked and brittle, which opens the possibilities to mildew. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from getting rid of mold because you can purchase it in the hardware store and apply it yourself since it’s not that difficult.

5. Give your kitchen cabinets a beautiful finish!

If you feel that your kitchen feels like a cave, then it must be because of the dark cabinets that took all the light in the room. Consider a bright makeover to add color and brightness to a room. As long as the doors and frames of the kitchen cabinets are intact, you don’t have to purchase new cabinets, and you can add a new finish.

All you will need for this project is a paintbrush, strong sandpaper, and elbow grease. You won’t need to spend a considerable amount of money on this amazing transformation.

6. Paint your walls!

Like your mattress, your walls must be healthy. Do you remember when you last painted the walls? The walls in your home experience wear and tear daily; it endures hanging items, absorbs light, and it absorbs dirt, dust, and grime.

In conclusion, your walls endure a lot even though it looks outstanding. You might argue that you clean your walls by wiping them, but there is still a possibility that with the length of time, the dust has clung to the wall too much that it’s impossible to get rid of. But it’s not entirely impossible, because you can paint a new layer over it.

A fresh coat of paint can protect you from the moisture that accumulated in your walls. It will seal it out because it adds a layer of paint that weighs the home’s structural integrity. When you have a new wall with quality paint utilized, it can now repel all the allergens, dust, and dirt, making it much easier to breathe and clean your house.

7. Add plants to your home.

When you plant a perennial type of plant in your home, you can divide it every three to six years, and you will have different varieties. It blooms in late spring up to late summer. If you want a plant that can cover your entire home, invest in perennials to multiply the specimens.


With the seven things mentioned above, you don’t have to spend a lot of money this summer. You can even do most of these things by yourself. Get moving this summertime and improve your home so that you won’t get bored.

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