Summer Camp Essentials For The Most Memorable Camping Experience

January 26, 2021

Summer is rolling around quickly. Before we know it, we’ll all be heading back out into the wilderness to create wonderful memories on beautiful summer camping trips.

The memories are made by traveling with friends and family, but there are ways to make your trips even more enjoyable and memorable. After speaking to experts in camping gear, gadgets, and more, we have brought you a list of our summer camp essentials to help bring you the most memorable camping experience of your life.

Portable Coolers

First up, it’s the portable cooler. There are tons of great coolers for camping available online and in outdoor activity stores. These durable yet stylish and comfortable to carry coolers can be used for a variety of things. Want to store some cool beers for the evening drinks? Want to go fishing and store your catch for later? These versatile coolers can keep your food and drink stored at a safe temperature for days at a time with their incredible insulation technology. 

Portable Stoves

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Nowadays there are a huge amount of portable stoves available. Gone are the days where you needed to think about making a fire and balancing your pans over the flame. Now, all you need is to purchase a handy portable stove to guarantee hot food every day on your camping trip. Of course, some purists will say that the only true way to cook when camping is over an open flame. Well, grab one of these portable stoves anyway in case of severe rain or lack of time to create a fire. Plus, some family campsites no longer allow open fires, so a portable stove is a great idea for any camping trip.

Pop-Up Shelter

Sometimes, when camping, the worst-case scenario arises. You’ve been planning for weeks with your friends about visiting a summer camp, but when you arrive the rain starts to pour. So, what do you do? Cram everyone into one four-man tent? No! There are now great pop-up tent-style shelters to save the day. These are so simple to erect that even your kids can do it themselves, and they provide ample shelter for up to 12 people. Great for avoiding the rain or for having a cozy indoor evening drink.

Outdoor Speaker

What camping trip would be complete without a singalong by the fire? If you don’t happen to have a budding guitarist in your group, how about taking an outdoor speaker instead? Bluetooth speakers provide up to 12 hours of quality audio on a single charge. Some even longer. This means a whole night of endless entertainment with no worry about losing power. They can go quite loud, too. Though, remember to always be aware of others potentially camping around you before cranking it up too loud! Many Bluetooth speakers being produced these days are waterproof meaning the music can continue when fishing, in the rain, or even when going for a lake swim.

Solar Battery Charger

Many of us go camping to get away from technology and reconnect with nature, leaving our phones and other gadgets in the car or 12 person tents. But, we may also want to use our phones as cameras, listen to music on our speakers, or use other technology whilst camping. All this tech requires battery power. So, if you don’t want to take a generator with you, we suggest a solar-powered battery charger. All you need to do is leave it in the sun during the day, and you can later charge all your devices from it. You can also pre-charge these battery packs at home to ensure there’s some power even when the sun goes down. Some of these batteries provide enough power to charge a smartphone four times over.

First Aid Flashlight

Finally, it’s worth noting that camping can indeed be a little dangerous. Cooking with fire, taking long hikes, night walking, or swimming in open water can all lead to injury. So, you should always be carrying first-aid gear with you. There are now flashlights that house first-aid kits within them. This is handy, as a flashlight is something you would usually carry anyway, so carrying both in one handy tool is extremely useful. Always ready to explore in the dark and patch up any minor wounds.

With these wonderful tools, gadgets, and devices, you will certainly be able to improve your camping experience and make some great memories. It’s no wonder that camping trips just seem to get better and better! We hope that some of these are useful or fun for you and your family on your next big trip.

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