Students Jump For The National Education Project’s Bill Of Rights Day Birthday Cake Celebration

Approximately 300 Catholic school students in grades 3-7 will participate in the National Education Project’s Bill of Rights Day Birthday Cake Celebration on Friday, December 14, at 12 pm. The Incarnation School, at 570 West 175th Street and the Guardian Angel School, at 193 Tenth Avenue in Washington Heights, are participating. There are additional 12 other schools participating in celebration in New York City.

During the celebration, New York City police officers will bring in birthday cakes for the Bill of Rights. A candle will be lit and the students will sing Happy Birthday. In addition, the students will learn about the history of the Bill of Rights, sing a traditional patriotic song chosen by the teacher, recite all 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights aloud, and sign their names to personal copies of the Bill of Rights while adding their photos.

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