Street Survey: Occupy Wall Streeter From Harlem

Time Out talked with Wall Street protestors and observers about their involvement in the demonstrations,

how long they’re willing to hold out and how they see the occupation ending. Of course, we selected to post the interview with the only Harlem resident.

Linda P., 60, family physician, Harlem

“I’ve been down here for various events, usually health care–related stuff. I really don’t have a vision for it ending.

The need to support the 99 percent against the one percent is probably not going to go away in the near future.”

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“I’m part of an organization called Physicians for a National Health Program ( and we’re advocating for a system where health care is paid for by the government—like in Canada. Everyone just has a card, they swipe it when they go to the doctor and it has their medical information on it, and [their care] gets paid for. Everyone’s just covered automatically. Most industrialized countries have that, or something close to that. We’re way, way behind when it comes to covering all of our population.”

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