The Step Afrika! At Marcus Garvey Park 2017

Watch the world’s first professional company dedicated to high energy percussive stepping. The Step Afrika! dance squad has reinvented the concept of dance performance, with a revitalized program that truly steps things up. Showcasing a proud breed of styles, that are a composite of traditional African dance and percussive African-American stepping, they command the stage with blistering energy and vitality. Their live shows incorporate singing, tale-weaving, comedic interactions and immensely crowd-pleasing segments of audience participation. Created in 1994, initially as an exchange program with the Soweto Dance Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa, Step Afrika! is now an internationally renowned touring company that brings positive dance education to young people around the globe. With strikingly vibrant costumes, amazing technical bravura and an exciting collective stage presence, this crew inspires as it wows. As one of the top ten African American dance companies in the US, Step Afrika! reaches over 50,000 people annually as they bound across ten different countries. Having performed at the White House for President Obama, and with inclusion in the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African-American History & Culture (featuring the world’s first stepping interactive), these bold, beautiful and generous artists are thoroughly breathtaking to witness in person.

Thursday August 17, 7 pm – 9 pm

Marcus Garvey Park Alliance, 175 West 126th Street · New York, NY 10027

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