Statement From Harlem-Based VoteRunLead’s Erin Vilardi On Kavanaugh Allegation

Statement from VoteRunLead Founder & CEO, and one of our favorite people Erin Vilardi, on allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

Erin Vilardi stated:

“From the time that current Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was nominated, women across the country pressed upon the FBI to complete an exhaustive background check. A lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court deserves due diligence from all parties. As is par for the course, it was women leaders who activated from the grassroots all the way up to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee – two of whom are former prosecutors now running for president – who fought for a thorough process only to be rebuffed. These new allegations are disturbing and once again it is women who are on the frontlines to implore an investigation into Justice Kavanaugh’s past. This only reaffirms our country’s need for gender parity in elected office and women’s leadership from local organizers to the halls of congress.”

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VoteRunLead is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit which trains women to run for office. And win. With more than 33,000 women trained to run for office, VoteRunLead is the largest and most diverse campaign and leadership program in the country. We work to equip women with the right know-how, trainings and how-to’s to help them enter politics with a purpose. We believe that by empowering women to run as they are, they will build a campaign based on their own passion, their own ideas, and their own values.

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