Start Off Black History Month With Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA)

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In 2018 The Harlem Arts Alliance completed the Race Forward: Racial Equity in the Arts Innovation Lab. As a result of our participation as well as a continuation of our mission to elevate arts in Harlem, and build support for the arts on city, state, and federal levels, the Arts Equity Town Hall will create space for artists & administrators to gather and strategize effective institutional pathways to achieve equity, diversity & inclusion within our artistic community.

In “Beyond 26 Percent” a recent study evaluating disparities facing POC arts administrators conducted by the Field and Harlem Stage, one participant stated:

“It [ Equity] all starts with the recognition of the major disparities in funding allocations to CIGs in general as well as a greater historical appreciation for the ways that smaller non-profit cultural institutions serving diverse communities beyond Museum Mile and Manhattan have been treated.”

Together they want to make 2019 a year of accountability and action for racial equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts.

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