Staff Of The Dunbar National Bank, Harlem, NY, 1930

dunbar-bank-in-harlem-1A great photograph of the staff at the Dunbar National Bank, in the Paul Laurence Dunbar apartments, at West 149th and West 150th Streets (between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Adam Clayton Powell Jr,) Harlem, NY, 1930.

Dunbar National Bank was named after the great Harlem Renaissance poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. The photo below is a blow up of the staff on the left-hand side of the photograph above:

dunbar1The Dunbar National Bank was the first bank in Harlem to be managed and staffed by African-Americans. The Dunbar National Bank was funded by John Davison Rockefeller Jr., specifically for the population of Harlem. The president of the Bank was Joseph D. Higgins, 36 years a banker, onetime Federal Reservist, former vice president of the American Exchange-Irving Trust Company.

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