Squirrels Are Adorable Until They Cause Major Damage To Your Property

November 3, 2021

Who doesn’t love an adorable little squirrel? As children, we marvel at the squirrels in cartoons, and even as adults, we’ll always stop to aww and take pictures when we see a dog chasing a squirrel.

And yet, squirrels, cute though they may be, can be quite detrimental to the wellbeing of your property. Not to bad-mouth squirrels or anything, we understand that they’re just doing what comes natural. That is, like most wild animals, squirrels are only looking for a place to nest, and a constant source of food and water.

Because of this, human properties with their abundance of edibles are often interpreted as ideal nooks for squirrels, as well as other wild animals. Which in turn can cause quite a few problems for you, the property owner

What damage do squirrels do to your property?

1.   Damage to power lines and electrical chords.

One of the most serious ways in which squirrels can endanger you and your family is by chewing on nearby power lines or electrical chords. Since squirrels are notorious, compulsive chewers, there really isn’t anyone to blame when squirrels chew electrical wires.

A big issue here is that destroyed wires and power lines can cost you a hefty sum in repairs, and replacement. But a gnawed wire usually means a bigger problem than merely having to look for a replacement. In fact, these exposed wires are an active fire hazard, putting you and your loved ones at serious risk.

2.   Precarious wood structures.

As we were just saying, squirrels love to chew stuff, and this often involves gnawing at the wooden structures inside of your home. Since a common hideout for squirrels tends to be the attic, it’s not uncommon for the little animals to cause quite a bit of gnawing damage to the structure beams holding up your roof, thus once again endangering you and yours.

While it’s rare for squirrels to cause such extensive damage to create a collapse, damaged structures will still have to be repaired or replaced, thus costing you a pretty penny.

Often, the wildlife removal service you opt for will also handle wild animal repairs. Companies like C&C Wildlife Control not only specialize in the removal of the offensive creature itself, but will also fix up your home, eliminating signs of wildlife infestation in the first place.

3.   You can also say goodbye to your garden.

Like most creatures, squirrels like to eat, which may be cute, but is also quite a serious cause of concern among property owners. Squirrels have been known to dig up planted bulbs, thus essentially destroying your garden for good. They will also chew on other objects in your yard, such as trees, and that can be a problem, also.

4.   Fire hazard (again).

Squirrels often nest inside an uncovered chimney, and while that might be alright during the warm months, in winter, it can pose a serious threat. The materials used to build a nest, as well as the squirrels themselves, can pose a serious fire hazard inside your chimney, which threatens to spread to the rest of your home.

5. Disease carriers.

Unfortunately, squirrels, like most wild animals, are also carriers of a wide array of bacteria that can cause serious infections. To learn more about the health hazards you are exposing yourself to by harboring a squirrel, visit squirrelhelpers.com.

While not technically property damage, we feel this also needs to be addressed, since it’s easily the most serious issue when concerning squirrels.

So what can you do for squirrel prevention?

Some things you can do are eliminate food sources (such as fallen fruit, bird feeders, or pet bowls) from your property, to diminish the appeal. It’s also a good idea to regularly inspect your home for holes and cracks, particularly in the roof, where a missing shingle can lead to a whole lot of trouble.

When you find such an opening, make sure to fill it in and seal it as swiftly as possible, with materials like wire mesh, that are difficult to chew or claw through. When in doubt, you can also schedule an appointment with a wildlife removal professional, to inspect your property.

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