Sponsored Love: Why Should Butterfly Locs Be Your New Hairstyle?

August 24, 2023

Are you looking for a bohemian synthetic loc style, which is not only trendy but also protective? Butterfly locs will be the top choice for you.

From box braids to criss cross braids, you may have tried many kinds of styles. However, if you are considering switching up your hairstyle, I think you need to give butterfly locs a try. In this article, we’ll explore what butterfly locs and the reasons why butterfly locs are an excellent new hairstyle choice for you!

What are butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs have a distinct, messy, and bohemian aesthetic, looking much like a butterfly’s flight pattern — thus, the name. In detail, butterfly locs are a protective hairstyle created using thin sections of hair that are twisted and pinned tightly against the scalp. Small rubber bands or beads are often used at the end of each twisted section to keep it in place. If Knotless Braids are the best hairstyle for summer, then the butterfly locs must belong to the fall, as butterfly locs can create a natural, free-flowing, and voluminous look. After the brief introduction of this kind of hairstyle, I will tell you why butterfly locs should be your new hairstyle.

Butterfly locs are protective for the natural hair

Butterfly locs can provide the protection for your natural hair by twisting hair tightly against the scalp, as this method can prevent friction, manipulation, and breakage that comes from daily styling. Additionally, this kind of braiding technique will take your natural hair into the locs and get a break from daily styling, thus promoting healthier and stronger growth. 

Butterfly locs are easy to install

When it comes to braids hairstyle, you think of sitting in a barbershop for hours? But I can promise this kind of braid costs less than other types of braids. The process begins by creating cornrows, followed by integrating premade locs into the hair. Subsequently, the hair is loosely wrapped to achieve a distressed and unraveled appearance. This method of installation is remarkably swift, typically requiring a mere two and a half hours or less. However, if you still feel that braiding braids by hand is too time-consuming and expensive, then I suggest you try to buy the Braided Wigs of this hairstyle.

Butterfly locs require low-maintenance

Unlike many other natural hairstyles, there is no need to maintain it everyday. Once butterfly locs are installed, they require very little maintenance on a daily basis. Once installed, they can last for several weeks or months with minimal re-tightening needed. This makes them more convenient than other braided styles. You just need to take no more than five minutes to take care of it every morning when you wake up. Additionally, all things you need to do is to use a little light serum or hair oil into the scalp every couple of days to keep the skin hydrated. In terms of cleansing, most trendy and protective hairstyles will require a wash day here and there, but butterfly locs don’t require them. 

Low cost

While getting butterfly locs professionally installed for the first time requires a multi-hour salon visit and investment, subsequent maintenance costs little on an ongoing basis. Retwists to refresh the style can run $50-150, depending on length of hair.

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Learn diy retwisting techniques and you’ll save tremendously on future appointments. Even salon visits every 4-6 weeks are still far more budget-friendly than other high-maintenance styles, which require frequent costly trips.

Beautify natural hair affordably with locs. Spend money on initial installation then maintain yourself long-term for minimal cost compared to weekly issues like blowouts, flat irons or chemical processing. Protective styles are easy on both hair health and wallet too.

They are the fashion trend of the future

While butterfly locs have a timeless appeal, as they’re currently in vogue. Celebrities and influencers have been spotted rocking butterfly locs, further fueling their popularity. Butterfly locs have an eye-catching, neat appearance which many find visually appealing. The fine locs forming intricate patterns look very neat. Therefore, adopting this hairstyle allows you to stay on top of the trend, turning heads wherever you go.


If you’re looking for a new hairstyle that’s trendy, versatile, protective, and low maintenance, butterfly locs might be just what you need. They offer a perfect blend of style and functionality, making them a worthy addition to your style arsenal. Remember, no matter the hairstyle, the most important thing is that it makes you feel confident and beautiful. So, give butterfly locs a try, and embrace the unique, beautiful you. They are a beautiful way to express your individuality, embrace your culture, and make a fashion statement. It’s no wonder then that butterfly locs should be your new hairstyle. They are more than just a trend; they are a lifestyle. So, are you ready to flutter into the world of butterfly locs?

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