Sponsored Love: What Are The Different Wrestling Styles Practiced In India?

November 9, 2023

Alright, let’s dive into the fascinating world of wrestling in India, a country where this sport has a rich history and is followed with a passion.

When we talk about wrestling in India, it’s not just a single style; it’s a blend of various things. When talking on kabaddi match betting sites, the best choice that should come to your mind is 1xBet, and this platform also features great competitions too.

There are 3 main elements that blend to form the competitions that will be discussed here, which are:

  • Techniques;
  • Traditions;
  • and practices.

The 1st discipline we are going to discuss here is Pehlwani or Kushti, which is the most traditional form of wrestling in India. It’s not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Wrestlers, also known as Pehlwans, live and train together, following a rigorous routine that includes 3 main elements. They are intense workouts, a strict diet, and even specific resting practices.

The wrestling takes place in a clay pit, and the goal is pretty straightforward: wrestlers must get their opponent’s shoulders on the ground. The Akharas (wrestling schools) are where the magic happens. They are spread across the country, especially in areas that are considered as hotspots for the sport. Said hotspots can be found in provinces such as Haryana, Punjab and Maharashtra. However, outside of those 3 provinces, it is still possible to find great wrestlers with passionate fanbases. There are match betting sites in 1xBet, in which you can bet on kabaddi but also on different wrestling disciplines as well.

Another impressive element is that it is estimated that there are more than 10 thousand Akharas (remember, these are the wrestling schools) spread all across India. Those are really huge numbers, and they illustrate how popular this discipline can really be in this nation.

Other interesting disciplines

In 2nd place here we have Mallakhamb. This one’s a bit of an outlier because it’s more of a sport that complements wrestling, but it’s so interesting and related that it really deserves a mention of its own. Mallakhamb involves performing various types of gymnastics and poses while hanging from or balancing on a vertical wooden pole or a rope. It helps in improving 3 things: flexibility, speed, and strength, and it’s pretty impressive to watch. While it’s not wrestling in the traditional sense, many Pehlwans practice Mallakhamb to enhance their wrestling skills. You also have options to unleash the fun: 1xBet bonus adventures are also compatible with what the website offers in its wrestling section.

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In 3rd place we should actually mention 2 other wrestling variations that take place here are freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. These styles are more in line with what you’d see in the Olympics. Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling have gained popularity in India, especially after the country started bagging medals on the international stage.

In Freestyle, athletes can use their entire body to attack their opponent, while Greco-Roman restricts holds and attacks to above the waist. There are 3 names that are household names in this nation: Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt, and Sakshi Malik. All of them have won Olympic medals in these styles. The Wrestling Federation of India has been pivotal in promoting these styles. It is also worth saying that, as of 2023, there are around 100,000 registered wrestlers in the country competing in Freestyle and Greco-Roman. By the way, the 1xBet bonus adventures are also available for the Olympics, which allow you to unleash the fun on an even bigger level.

The 4th and final discipline we will mention here is Naban. To find it, it is necessary to go to the North East of India, as the main location where it is practiced is Manipur.

This style of wrestling is usually performed in a standing position, and it allows the use of legs for offense and defense. It’s traditionally practiced during the Lai Haraoba festival, and it’s as much about cultural expression as it is about physical prowess.

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