Sponsored Love: 3 Things To Do This Week At Reverance In Harlem

As always there is something special when a Michelin-Nominated Restaurant chef like Russel Jackson is at the helm in Harlem.

Chef Jackson said, “Becoming a resident of Harlem and beginning to learn the significance of what it would mean to open a restaurant here led me to find a 150-year-old historic location that has ties to Harlem’s rich arts and music legacy. I have worked to cultivate a modern restaurant business model, philosophy, and culture that would support not only a fair, ethical and equitable opportunity for family, but for my work family/staff. I felt we were charmed to have created a perfect storm. “

The Chef continued, “One of the main aspects of all the restaurants I have built has been around the idea of solving a problem, and supporting and loving a community that I perceived needed me. What I have found in the past year is that I needed Harlem and the idea of what Harlem can represent, not just to the African American Community but to the New York community at large. Respectfully.”

Ava said, in a Google 5-star review: “I absolutely loved how personable the staff gets with the diners.”

Don’t just listen to Ava with the 5 Stars, find out for yourself try out chef Russel’s yummy special 3-course tasting menu offer: 

Make Your Reservations here

Reverance, 2592 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10030, https://reverence.nyc/

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