Sponsored Love: The Power Of Personalized Approach, How B2B ABM Marketing Drives Revenue Growth

May 17, 2023

Does it feel like all the resources and time you spend on your marketing efforts don’t pay back and fail to deliver revenue growth?

Many B2B businesses are struggling with the exact same issue. The game-changing approach is to switch to Acount-Based Marketing(ABM)!

Don’t know where to start? Cooperate with a B2B ABM agency to create tailored strategies driving you toward long-term success. B2B ABM strategy tailors marketing efforts to the specific needs of high-value clients, resulting in boosted sales, increased engagement rates, and revenue growth. The latest ABM stats revealed companies who adopt such account-based marketing strategies experience 58% bigger deal size, 67% higher deal closing rates, and a shocking 500% increase in online platform traffic.

Read on to discover how ABM revolutionizes B2B marketing strategies and how you can benefit from marketing consulting firms, no matter the industry.

Breaking down what’s B2B Account-based marketing

First, let’s settle on what B2B stands for. Business-to-Business type of company sells products or services to another business and not regular consumers. Therefore, B2B marketing focuses on strategies, efforts, and tools that help companies reach their clients and accelerate their business growth.

ABM is a highly targeted marketing approach that targets individual accounts and clients rather than a broad audience. ABM marketing combines data-driven insights with personalized messaging and content to promote your product and engage with key decision-makers at targeted accounts.

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Three main approaches to ABM implementation:

  1. Tactical ABM

The tactical ABM approach focuses on a wider range of accounts that still have potential but are not necessarily high-value. Such an ABM strategy requires your sales and marketing team to identify the valuable account and invest more into building more meaningful customer relationships. You can apply techniques of tactile marketing for this approach, such as using physical objects to create specific brand associations tailored to the target demographics, stimulating the desire to cooperate with your company.

  1. Strategic ABM

Strategic ABM targets a small group of high-value accounts that align with your dream-client profile, require your solution, and are ready to invest in it. For strategic ABM approach execution, dedicated teams for each specific account are responsible for delivering an elaborate marketing campaign plan. Such a plan should include direct contact with decision-makers, solutions you offer to help the business tackle its challenges and pain points, personalized content, messaging tactics, and more.

  1. Programmatic ABM

Programmatic ABM allows you to take advantage of innovative technology for process automation of identifying the right accounts. With such a strategy, B2B businesses can automate the ad buying process and deliver a story moving through the buyer’s journey. Programmatic ABM involves different types of ads like OTT ads, videos, and displays creative ads to reach a high-value clientele.

7 Best B2B ABM Strategies to ultimately grow revenue

B2B account-based marketing approach is adopted across industries and fields of business. Companies apply many different ABM tactics and strategies to generate new leads and improve conversion rates. Take a lot at the 7 best B2B ABM strategies you can introduce in your business to empower it to thrive.

  1. Investing in the long-term SEO campaign

Search engine optimization is a critical tool for your ABM content marking efforts. With a well-coordinated and effective SEO campaign, you can boost your brand’s discoverability through high-value clients and put your platform at the top of the search. Long-term SEO strategy includes generating content with highly-relevant keywords and highlighting specific topics to establish your company as a thought leader in the industry.

  1. Personalized email campaigns

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for B2B business. ABM approach helps you focus on personalizing each email campaign by referring to target account-specific needs and interests, creating tailored and relevant content, aligning writing style for immediate connection, and engaging with well-thought-through Call for Action.

  1. Prioritizing personalized and engaging content marketing

Content is what drives your online marketing. However, for B2B business, informative general blog posts won’t cut it. ABM content marketing focuses on creating engaging and relevant content that speaks directly to the targeted high-value account, for example, a case study of a similar business benefiting from your product or service.

  1. Focusing on high-valued clients

ABM’s approach is about prioritizing the accounts with the highest potential to accelerate your revenue growth. With ABM’s strategy, you should prioritize customer success and ensure they will cooperate with you repeatedly in the future and refer to your brand. Another technique used in B2B ABM marketing is lead nurturing campaigns that won’t let you give up on the highly-important accounts if they didn’t engage with the brand from the jump.

  1. Aligning sales and marketing efforts

The sales and marketing teams should align in their effort and work closely to develop tailored messaging and campaigns. Tight collaboration of both teams ensures effective lead nurturing and maximized revenue growth.

  1. Building a loyal community in your industry

The key to ABM is building a well-recognized reputation for your brand in the industry you serve. You can create a loyal community around your company, establishing the brand as a professional leader by keeping in touch with your clients and industry peers.

  1. Elevating product-focused landing page

Landing pages are the first point of contact for potential clients and the face of your brand. Creating a product-focused landing page with optimized and relevant content, a clear call for action, and a value proposition improves conversion rates for your brand.

Wrapping up

ABM is the secret sauce that can take your B2B marketing game to the next level and give you a boost like never before. You can put your brand on the fast track to success and help it thrive by doubling down on cutting-edge ABM strategies and tactics. Surely, B2B ABM marketing is not for the faint of heart – it has several dedicated teams, elaborative planning, and consistent effort to pull it off. However, the global stats and results of many businesses prove that ABM strategies belong in your toolbox. So why wait and give your competitors the upper hand? Empower your B2B brand with ABM marketing implementation to see the game-changing results! Reach out to the ABM marketing experts to help your brand thrive!

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