Sponsored Love: Matcha On the Go Bundle

While we love traditionally prepared matcha, we know that there are a lot of components needed that aren’t all that travel-friendly. We wanted to create a way for you to enjoy your favorite green tea powder any time, any place, and that’s why we’re launching our NEW Matcha On the Go Bundle.

This bundle pairs our beautiful double-walled glass Matcha Shaker with 12 pre-portioned servings of our organic, ceremonial grade Matchasticks.

Simply fill your Matcha Shaker with cold filtered water, add a Matchastick, seal the shaker shut, and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Gone are the days of needing a whisk and tea bowl; just fill, shake, and enjoy!

So if you love matcha and consider yourself a bit of a jet-setter, might we suggest our Matcha On the Go Bundle?

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**Do not shake with water over 140 degrees Fahrenheit

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