Sponsored Love: Is Human Hair Worth Having For Your Women’s Wig?

November 30, 2023

Wigs for women and hair toppers for women are used for a variety of purposes by ladies everywhere.

Whether it is for changing up your style, protecting your natural hair underneath, adding more volume to thin hair, or giving hair to a completely bald head, hair pieces for women are an accessory that has remained relevant for centuries. Exploring the different aesthetic changes these wigs and toppers can bring is a fabulous way to experiment with self-expression. But many women find themselves wondering when they start looking to purchase toppers and wigs, is it worth it to get a human hair piece? Human hair pieces for women may be slightly more expensive, but there are many benefits to choosing them. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons it is worth it to go with human hair when buying hair toppers for women and wigs for women.

Human Hair is Easier to Style

Human hair wigs and hair toppers behave much the same as natural bio hair does. This means that when it comes to styling them, you can do a lot of the same things you would do with your own hair! Synthetic wigs and toppers do not like heat styling, and it tends to be very difficult to achieve a different look for them than the factory sends it with. If you use human hair for your hair pieces for women, you can curl and straighten them using heat easily! Just remember that you will need to protect the hair using a form of heat protectant, and because the hair on wigs and toppers is more fragile than bio hair, use a low heat setting and try not to do it too often.

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Human Hair is More Natural Looking

This one seems obvious, but many people buying wigs for women or hair toppers for women do not realize that the easiest way to get a natural-looking hairpiece is to buy one with natural hair! Synthetic hair is usually made of plastic-type materials, which can cause it to have an unnatural shine. This shine can be managed using hair spray or other products that can help to dull the look, but it will never look as good as human hair. The texture and aesthetic of fake hair just do not appear as natural looking as real hair does. This is why, for those who want their hairpiece to look the most real and indistinguishable from bio hair, it is always best to choose human hair. However, make sure you purchase your human hair toppers and wigs from a reputable company! Some companies will use a blend of human hair and synthetic hair to save on costs and sell it to consumers under the label of 100% human hair. This blended hair will not look as good as human hair, so make sure to purchase from somewhere like #Superhairpieces that only uses 100% human hair.

Human Hair Can be Dyed

Another fabulous benefit to human hair wigs for women and hair toppers for women is that, just like bio hair, it can be dyed! While there are certain precautions you must take in order to dye a hair piece (which we will go over in just a moment), it is absolutely possible to dye human hair another color. This means that if you want to switch up your style, find that the hair is fading, or want to go all out with something bright and vibrant, you can use hair dye to do it! Synthetic hair, on the other hand, does not work with dyes, as the plastic materials it is made with do not absorb the color.

It is important to be careful when dying women’s hairpieces, however. The chemicals in the dye being added to already processed hair can make it more fragile, so it is good to take it to a professional for dying so that they can follow the correct procedures to keep the hair healthy. This also helps to keep the base of the piece from being dyed, as if you have not dyed women’s hair pieces before, you may accidentally get hair dye on the base, which will stain it and ruin the natural look. It is also good to always remember that hair can be dyed easily from light to dark, but not the other way around!

Human Hair Can Still Be Cost Effective

The main issue many people have with choosing human women’s hairpieces over synthetic ones is that synthetic tends to be cheaper. While this may often be true, it isn’t always! If you are looking for hair pieces for women while shopping on a budget, plenty of human hair options can still be available to you. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for your wallet! Choose a brand that offers cost-effective human hair options, like @Superhairpieces, which can start from as low as $94 for real human hair. As long as you spend time looking around at what is available, you should be able to find human hair wigs for women that suit your needs without having to compromise on the natural look!

Overall, human hair offers many benefits over synthetic hair when it comes to choosing a women’s hairpiece. Natural looking and easy to wear, it is the perfect choice for those who want to appear as if their wig or topper is growing right out of their scalp. If you want the best quality wigs for women, choose human hair! It is absolutely worth it.

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