Sponsored Love: How Does Call Center Outsourcing Work?

May 22, 2023

Call center outsourcing is the practice of contracting with a third-party company to handle customer service, sales, and technical support functions.

These functions are typically handled by a call center, which is a centralized office equipped with the technology and personnel to handle a large volume of calls. Call center outsourcing is a popular business practice because it allows companies to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing non-core functions to specialized providers.

How Does Outsourcing Work?

One common model is for the outsourcing company to handle all aspects of the call center operation, including staffing, training, and technology. The outsourcing company will typically use its own facilities and equipment to handle the calls, and the client company will pay a fee for the services rendered.

Another model is for the client company to retain control over the call center operation, but to outsource certain aspects of it to a third-party provider. For example, the client company may decide to outsource the handling of technical support calls to a specialized provider, while still handling sales and customer service calls in-house.

A third model is known as a hybrid model, in which the client company and the outsourcing provider both contribute resources to the call center operation. This can involve the client company providing the physical infrastructure and equipment, while the outsourcing provider handles the staffing and training.

There are also variations within these models. For example, some outsourcing companies may offer “bundled” services that include a combination of customer service, sales, and technical support. Others may specialize in a particular type of service, such as technical support or customer service

Benefits Of Call Centre Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing offers several benefits to companies.

One of the main benefits is cost savings. Outsourcing can help companies reduce their labor costs by taking advantage of lower wages in other countries. In addition, outsourcing can help companies reduce the overhead costs associated with operating a call center, such as training and technology expenses.

Another benefit of call center outsourcing is the ability to access specialized expertise. Outsourcing companies often have extensive experience and expertise in handling a wide range of customer service, sales, and technical support functions. This can help companies improve the quality of their customer service, as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their call center operations.

Finally, outsourcing call center operations can also provide increased flexibility for companies. Since the call center is operated by a third party, companies can easily scale up or down their call volume as needed without the need to hire and train additional staff. This can be especially useful for companies with seasonal or fluctuating call volumes.

Best Practices When Outsourcing Call Centre Operations

To get the most out of call center outsourcing, it is important for companies to follow best practices.

One important practice is to carefully select a reputable outsourcing provider. This can help ensure that the provider has the necessary experience and expertise to handle the company’s customer service, sales, and technical support needs.

Another best practice is to establish clear service level agreements with the outsourcing provider. These agreements should outline the specific expectations and requirements for the call center operation, including the types of calls that will be handled, the response times that will be required, and the quality standards that will be expected.

Effective communication and collaboration with the outsourcing provider are also key. This can help ensure that the provider has a thorough understanding of the company’s business goals and objectives, and can work effectively to support them.

Finally, it is important for companies to closely monitor the performance of their outsourcing provider. This can help ensure that the provider is meeting the agreed-upon service level agreements and helping the company achieve its business goals.

Types Of Call Center Services You Can Outsource

  • Customer Service – This type of call center operation involves handling inquiries, complaints, and other customer interactions related to a company’s products or services. This can include answering questions, resolving issues, and providing information to customers.
  • Technical Support – Technical support call centers assist customers with technical issues related to a company’s products or services. This can include troubleshooting problems, providing guidance on how to use a product, and offering repair or maintenance services.
  • Telemarketing – Telemarketing call centers are responsible for making sales calls or conducting market research over the phone. This can include making cold calls to potential customers, following up on leads, and gathering data for market research studies.
  • Appointment Scheduling – Call centers that specialize in appointment scheduling handle the scheduling and confirmation of appointments for a variety of businesses, such as medical offices, salons, and repair services.
  • Help Desk – A help desk call center provides technical support and assistance to customers or employees who are experiencing issues with a company’s products or services. This can include answering questions, troubleshooting problems, and providing guidance on how to use a product.
  • Debt Collection – These call centers are responsible for contacting individuals or businesses who are behind on their payments and attempting to negotiate payment plans or settlements.
  • Emergency Dispatch – Such call centers handle calls for emergency services, such as 911 calls or emergency medical services.
  • Answering Services – These services provide a live operator to answer calls and take messages on behalf of a company during after-hours or when the company is unable to answer calls.
  • Virtual Receptionist – A virtual receptionist call center provides a live operator to answer and route calls for a company during business hours. These, however, have to account for time differences to ensure optimal service. Nearshore outsourcing, where you outsource to a company in a similar time zone is the ideal solution to this problem.
  • Order Taking – Such call centers handle incoming orders for a company’s products or services, including processing payment and providing tracking information to customers.

Call center outsourcing can be a highly effective business strategy for companies looking to reduce costs, improve customer service, and access specialized expertise. By following best practices and carefully selecting a reputable outsourcing provider, companies can ensure that their call center operations run smoothly and effectively.

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