Sponsored Love: Horse Racing 101, Everything You Need To Know About This Popular Sport

August 3, 2021

How to place a wager on a horse. Since horse racing began many, many Centuries ago people have been placing bets on horses, it’s fun, and it can be profitable, if you know what you are doing you can beat the odds. There are plenty of things you need to know about horse racing, tips, and tricks that will help you with better understanding odds in this sport. 

So, how do you place a wager on a horse, let’s look at this to start with? Betting on a horse race is not complicated, and most of the time you just place your bet, take your ticket and tear it up in frustration when it doesn’t pay off, however, if you are lucky or skilled you can take that ticket back to the window and collect your prize.

Let’s look at how you would deal with doing this in-person step by step.

  1. First, you need to state the name of the racetrack. 
  2. Now state the number of the race you are betting. 
  3. Note the unit of dollars on your bet. 
  4. Now note the type of wager you are making, you can bet a single horse to win, place, show, or even a combination of horses or places. 
  5. Now state the number of the horse or horses that you are betting on. 
  6. Do not forget to check your ticket before you leave the window to make sure that everything is correct. 

Betting tools.

If you are attending a race yourself, you will obviously need some sunscreen and a beverage, as well as your enthusiasm, however a few other things will come in handy when you are at the track betting on your favorite horse. For a start, it is beneficial to take some binoculars, so even when the horse is halfway around the track in the distance, you can keep up with how they are doing. But, before you even get that far, you want a few things to help you place your bet. 

Get a racetrack program, much like at a baseball game, you get information on the players; i.e. the horses, the jockeys, trainers, and owners. These usually only cost a few dollars, and it can give you a behind the scenes’ insight into the horses and the lives they live to give you a better idea of which horse has the best chance of a win. 

You also want a daily racing form, these provide information on the past performances of all the horses running on the day, and it will include informative racing articles and handicapping. This will also cost you a few dollars, but it is well worth it. 

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Do not forget to get a public handicapper selection, these may be covered by the local newspaper. And you will also want a handicapping tip sheet, which is a daily selection published by the handicappers at the track. 

All of these can provide deeper insight which will help improve your chances of choosing the winning horse. 

Flat racing and jump racing. 

There are different types of racing, flat races are run ‘ on the level’ and do not include any obstacles. Flat races are a test of speed, stamina, and the skill of the jockey in choosing the right tactics, knowing where they need to position the horse in the race and when to restrain the horse or ask for more effort. These races are held at different distances from 5F to 2 miles, and under the conditions of sex, age, and ability of the horse. 

Jump races on the other hand are races that include obstacles from the horse and the jockey to jump, these can be small hurdles or large fences. Jump racing often takes place in the fall, winter and spring months. The official name of jump races is ‘National Hunt racing’, which is a reference to the origins that brought it about. 

Knowing which horses are better at which kinds of races will help you to choose the best horse. 

Making a show parlay bet on a horse race. 

Betting on horse racing is fun, and so if you are with a group at the track, a great way to bet is to do a group show parlay. Each person antes up $5 and the money is pooled. Then each person will pick one race and one horse. You place the bet and if you win parlay the money on the next race and horse. Your winnings could add up very quickly. If four people started with $20 and each person won a $3 show price, you could have $101 after only 4 races. Besides, it is fun to enjoy the track and betting with friends! 

Top Tips for betting on a horse race 

Horse races can seem complex if you are new to it, so here are some top tips for you down at the track. 

  • Every track will have a television simulcast commentator who will handicap between races, listen to them carefully and try to pick up some good betting tips from them. 
  • The top ten riders in the jockey standing win about 90% of the races run during the meet.
  • A favorite horse will win about 33% of the time, but the payoffs are lower on these horses. 
  • Morning line is not who the oddsmaker likes, it is their prediction of whom the public will bet for. An obvious method to bet overlays is to play a couple of bucks on horses that are at odds two to three times higher than the morning line. 

How to pick a winner.

We can all read the paperwork at the track, but you can also notice a winner just by looking at them. A winning horse will have a good and visible shine to their coat, strong deep and powerful hindquarters. They will have expressive and alert eyes, broad jowels and wide nostrils. A good sprinting race horse will also have straight and heavily muscled shoulders, long distance horses will not be as heavily toned. 

So, for the extra edge, check out the form, and then watch the horses in the parade ring and get a good look at which horses have that racehorse wow factor.

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