Speaker Mark-Viverito Sends Off NYC Emergency Responders To Puerto Rico (Photos)

A mini-photographic essay of the response from the East Harlem‘s City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito:

“It’s been incredibly stressful, some panic and fear. In the morning, I could not sleep well, obviously with the expectation that the hurricane was going to make landfall around 6:30 or 7:00 and, obviously the winds that come from that, so I was keeping in touch. Thankfully, my mother did not lose communications during the most critical times, so I was able to get updates from her.  She is fine. But when you see the images of the devastation, the rivers are overflowing, massive amounts of water are coming down, the rain, I saw the flooding is going to be intense, houses destroyed. Hopefully people heeded the call and are staying safe, and hopefully will minimize the number of deaths. But this is a long-term process here.  Puerto Rico is very weakened by the economic crisis, has very limited resources to invest in a catastrophe of this size.  The federal government has to step up.  That’s why I am glad that we are supporting as well, in terms on New York City. Then we have to figure out a strategy by which the public can also contribute, right? There have to be ways that people can chip in or help in whatever way they can.”

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