Some Technological Innovations That Can Help Tweak Data Security In The Future

September 3, 2020

The internet is an amazing place, and there is no doubt about that. It has made our lives easier and condensed the world to increase our connectivity with every part of the planet. We can sit inside our house and connect with people half a world away from us, and in seconds. All it takes is browsing the right website or social media platform. Groceries, medicines, clothing, and recreation of sorts are just a few clicks away from us, and the humankind could not have been more grateful. However, there is a catch. When something looks too good to be true, there definitely is a flawed system at work that might need our attention.

The internet has made our lives much more comfortable than what it used to be, but at a price. All that we do is available online and in real-time. Our privacy has taken a beating because once you leave your footprints on the cloud, there is no way to erase the virtual existence. Sensitive information, confidential data, photographs and a hoard of such high-security items are all available on the cyberspace to a hacker’s delight. And therefore, what is required is a system at place that can enhance our security in this space. With that being said, we shall have a look at some of the most potential cutting-edge technology that promises a bright future for the security of data on the internet.

Self-Destruction of Computer Chips:

This sounds like an idea straight out of a comic book universe, but you might be amazed to know that the idea is very much a possibility and a work in progress. Data on computer chips are a significant concern for privacy issues, and that is why a self-destructing computer chip is an idea that researchers at PARC are working on. The idea is to come up with a computer chip that has a layer of glass substrate on it, and that breaks when a specific amount of heat trigger is released. Once the work is done, whatever that is, and the required data is gathered, the computer chip can turn itself to DUST or Disintegration Upon Stress Release Trigger.

A Rat-trap for the Hackers:

The primary goal of any hacker is to hack into a system and collect sensitive data that can be used to infiltrate other systems or bring down an entire establishment. Now, firewalls and antivirus can provide only so much protection these days. Hackers have outgrown and outsmarted these hackers, and the need for an enhanced system that can track these hackers down and outsmart them instead is much required. Researchers and software developers are working on a system that will deceive the hackers with faux servers and booby trap information on websites and systems. These deceptive networks will confuse the hackers and inform the webmasters and the business owners about a suspected hacking attempt. Imagine the amount of security that these ghost networks can provide to some legit gambling sites like and other sensitive sites where the security of users is primal.

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The Good Old Encryption:

The last technology that we are going to discuss in this article is that of encryption. But that is not something that is out of the ordinary. Encryption of data has always been around the corner, and therefore, you might be wondering why this has made it to the list we have here today. The answer to that is, though you must have all your data encrypted and protected, the catch lies in decryption. Data of a particular organization or network that is encrypted must be managed in a highly efficient and intensive way. That is to say that there must be a combination of keys or codes that are difficult to be hacked in and ones that are available only to the particular webmaster or business organization. These keys must be the only way to decrypt the data and hence, provide optimum security to varied networks. And though the entire concept sounds very simple, you can rest assured that there is an elaborate network at play behind this.


There are a number of ways in which one can tweak the security of websites, but it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that these systems will cease to provide protection after a point of time. It is then imperative to go for some cutting edge technology that can help in providing the much-needed security, and the ones that we have mentioned above are much in the running.

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