Solutions In Blockchain Projects From Harlem To Harare

May 10, 2023

When someone asks us about the innovative technologies of our time, we will habitually call blockchain technology.

However, in fact, this is far from being a separate innovation, but only a part of the complex of numerous innovative solutions that are aimed at solving a variety of requests from various business sectors. Nevertheless, the appearance of new proposals on the web 3 does not detract from the importance and significance of the blockchain tool, especially for the process of exchanging various decentralized data.

Of course, many users of blockchain networks need some support from companies that specialize in providing blockchain services.

The Role of Blockchain Infrastructure

Speaking about the blockchain as a tool that guarantees users the implementation of their projects with ensuring not only data security, but also their traceability, it is worth to mention the blockchain-infrastructure (BCI). BCI is a special network structure that includes various IT technologies, programs, methods etc. The main task of BCI is to ensure decentralization of information and actions in blockchain-network. At the same time, it should be remembered that we are not talking about some kind of universal blockchain-network, which is the same for any projects. To date, the following categories of networks are distinguished: public blockchain-networks, private blockchain-networks, consortium blockchain-networks and, accordingly, blockchain networks as a hybrid of the categories listed above. So, the infrastructure plays the role of the “first violin” in a large “orchestra” of various blockchain solutions. And due to the fact that the BCI is a complex of a wide variety of technologies, programs and methods it is much more profitable to entrust its creation and maintenance to outsourcing companies especially to their DevOps specialists. A team of specialists that can provide DevOps services is what startupers need to bring their projects to the IT market in the shortest possible time.

The work of the DevOps team

The work of a professional team of developers begins with the most thorough analysis and elaboration of all the details of any IT project. After the project is analysed and its level of complexity is determined, the project task is implemented. This task is able to cover the entire cycle of management, testing and monitoring of the BCI. At the same time, the deadlines for the implementation of the task are impressive, namely, noticeable results after only two weeks of work by a team of specialists.

For a clearer idea of what is at stake, consider the situation of solving the problem of creating such an infrastructure from the zero stage and with deadlines of the implementation a month and a half. At the same time, the requirements for maximum availability and security of the infrastructure and the possibility of its variable scaling must be taken into account. In addition, the team had to implement the principle of continuous deployment and delivery, that is, set up a CI / CD system, as well as create a comprehensive monitoring system.

It should be noted that a thorough analysis of every detail of the project at the initial stage of the business task makes it possible to assess the reality of the timing of its implementation. In this case, it can be turned out that the solution of project of this level of complexity is quite within the power of qualified developers even in a shorter time than expected when receiving the task. At the same time, the fulfillment of all the conditions and requirements of the project is preserved in full. As a result, a complete BCI was built, continuous deployment in different environments was established, monitoring points with problem notification systems were included. And the final touch in this project was the implementation of the possibility of further maintenance of the infrastructure. In other words, the devopsers set up a backup function, which ensured a prompt response in case of any incident at work. And eventually, we can state that qualified devopsers successfully completed the set business task in a shorter time. At the same time, a pleasant bonus was not only a reduction in the time for the project to be released, but also a significant reduction in the costs of its implementation. In addition, in the process of working on the project, another important plus appeared. This is a constant exchange between the team’s specialists of the knowledge and experience that are associated both with the blockchain architecture itself and with the processes of deploy.

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