Solar Screen Shades Vs Roller Window Shades: Choosing The Right Option

May 18, 2021

Solar screen shades and roll screens are options that provide protection from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Without this protection, ultraviolet radiation can adversely affect human skin, upholstery, tapestry, drapery, interiors, furniture, and carpets. Installing solar screens or window films helps to conserve heat, reduce air conditioning bills, and protect indoor spaces from UV deterioration. The question remains, how do solar screen shades and roller windows films work, and which is the better option.

In this article, we provide a brief comparison between solar screen shades and window films. You will also find a brief list of the benefits and limitations of solar screen shades and windows films.

What Are Solar Screen Shades?

Solar screen shades are created with a special window mesh that is used as a treatment for windows. Solar screens are a form of fiberglass coating or polyester weave with the strength of PVC coating. Solar screen shades effectively block harmful sun rays because they are installed on the exterior of the windows. Solar screen shades are available in a wide variety of materials which makes them an inexpensive option to ensure privacy and protect homes from the sunlight’s glare and heat.

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What Are Roller Shades?

Roller shades include a rolling mechanism, located at the top of the roller shade that contains the window covering when not in use. The top and bottom of the roller shade are made of vinyl or cloth from where the shade rolls down from the back. Shades are available in semi-opaque, semi-sheer, sheer, and blackout shades depending on whether they are made of woven or perforated fabric. Traditional roller shades or blackout shades offer complete privacy with no visibility from one side to the other regardless of the viewer’s perspective. 

Advantages of Solar Screen Shades

There is a wide variety of solar screen shades with different ratings for certified products according to the National Fenestration Rating Council. Here we look at the comprehensive advantages of all types of solar screen shades. 

Achieving Climate Control

It can be frustrating to deal with high temperatures in rooms that have several windows that allow in direct sunlight. It is easier to maintain cooler temperatures with solar screens installed on the windows because they limit the entry of sunlight since they are installed on the outside of windows. Properly maintained and installed solar screens make it easier to maintain lower temperatures without facing excessive energy costs. Residents can choose to remove solar screens in the winter depending on their temperature preferences for the season because solar screens limit the entry of the sun’s heat into the premises. 

Conserving Energy

Solar screens help preserve energy by efficiently maintaining cooler indoor temperatures by not letting in direct sunlight. Solar screens work in coordination with the HVAC system without putting a strain on the HVAC system. Users can expect to make savings in the long run. 

Protection Against Heat, Glare, & Harmful UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to UV rays and heat can damage furniture and appurtenances. Solar screens provide a viable solution to protect furniture and appliances placed next to the windows. Having a solar screen will also let you watch your TV screen comfortably without having to deal with the sun’s glare reflecting on your screen. Solar screens can have a positive impact on your vision because of not having to deal with the sun’s glare at home. 

Limitations Of Solar Screen Shades

No Privacy In The Evening

Solar screen shades provide most of their advantages during the day when the sun is up. Without the sun’s glare and the lights on inside, a solar screen can be easily seen through at night. It might be necessary to invest in curtains or drapes to maintain privacy at night. 

Limited Choice Of Colors & Designs

Solar screen shades are available in a limited number of designs and colors so this is not going to be your preference if you are looking for an aesthetically appealing upgrade for your property. 

Advantages Of Roller Shades

Versatile Climate Control Option For All Weathers

Roller shades have the option to keep them open or closed which makes them a versatile solution for all of your climate control needs. You can use them to keep the sun’s rays in or out depending on the ambiance you want to maintain at home. 

Diverse Features & Designs

Roller shades are available in many different designs, colors, and opacity to suit the interior design of the premises. There are designs available that partially allow sunlight through and complete blackout options that do not allow any sunlight to pass through. Similarly, there are various remote control options that control the functioning of the roller shades. Users can choose to operate several roller shades simultaneously with the help of the remote control. Some roller shades can even be controlled by smartphone applications. 

Greater Durability

Roller shades are much more durable in comparison to solar screen shades. With the proper maintenance, roller shades can last for years without any reduction in performance or physical appearance. 

Pet & Child-Friendly Models

Some manufacturers provide tangle-free and cord-free smart remote control roller shade options that conform to the look of your room. This means that, as a safety feature, the roller shades will not close if there is something in their path. This allows the residents the convenience of knowing that all of their loved ones are safe. 

Limitations Of Roller Shades

Persistent Maintenance To Preserve A Fresh Appearance

Rollers shades can get dirty over time. It can be an arduous task to clean the roller shades because of all of the different mechanisms involved. It is always recommended to have experienced professionals service roller shades instead of trying to do it yourself. 

Rooms With Excessive Moisture

Some versions of roller shades will require persistent maintenance when used in a room that contains high moisture levels. There may be a tendency that the motorized parts do not function as efficiently with constant exposure to high moisture levels. 

In Conclusion

Always ask your solar screen shade or roller shade installer for the features and characteristics of the specific model you are about to purchase. The particular qualities and attributes you choose for the shade of your choice will also affect the price of the product.

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