Sober Bars Are Finally Becoming ‘A Thing’

November 26, 2020

The community ale house is among the very best venues to socialize, get to know new people, socialize with old chums, and relax.

Whenever you’ve decided that you’re no longer using alcohol, the loss of this location can easily feel isolating. There’s immediately a big gap in your social life, and you’re not sure how to fill it. Is there such a thing as sober bars?

Where do sober people head to mingle? The public library? Leisure centers?

Shopping centers are going out of fashion, so those aren’t the answer either.

There are plenty of fun activities and getaways for sober men and women, but they either have liquor accessible or they’re expensive (or both).

Fortunately, sober bars are a thing. They’re evolving in worldwide popularity as increasingly more people come to terms with the fact that they could be putting away way too much alcohol, even though they do not identify as alcoholics.

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What Are Sober Bars?

This may sound backward. How is it a pub if it’s sober? An alcohol-free pub isn’t really a bar in any way, is it?

Well, is this really a brand new concept, or do we simply perceive it as new? What’s the distinction between a coffee shop and a bar beside the different kinds of beverages? Are they not both places to mingle, congregate, and eat and drink?

What about the soft drink outlets that used to be in every town? Not too dissimilar to alcohol bars, they were created similar to pubs but alternatively featured sugary drinks and sugary foods for an enjoyable day out for all ages.

A sober bar is an evolvement of those. You don’t initially start going to the bars to get drunk, you go to have a good time and fraternize buddies. Ultimately, that transforms into going to get drunk, which’s where the problem begins.

Sober bars keep the fun and community but without the booze, making them safe spaces for everyone. They maintain the bar atmosphere, perhaps sporting dartboards, snooker tables, and the dark, private tables of the everyday saloon, but the refreshments are alcohol-free.

What Do Sober Pubs Serve?

What’s your personal favorite cocktail? Do you like a good daiquiri every now and then? Perhaps a sex on the beach, or a piña colada?

The sober pubs can offer those alcohol-free, no liquor called for or needed. You can still get your sugar fix however without the necessity for alcohol.

There’s even nonalcoholic draught beer available now for those who choose to abstain, so even if lager is your drink of choice, you’re covered.

You may be asking yourself, “Can’t I just order my drinks virgin at an ordinary bar?” Yes, you could. But how easy is it for a bartender to make a mistake, especially in a bustling bar?

They can fix it right away if something is amiss, but do you feel you’re far enough in your rehabilitation to bring it to their attention?

Also, those drinks that everyone else has will not be alcohol-free drinks. A bar can be a triggering space for those in rehabilitation (or even people merely attempting to cut back). Although you can order a Shirley Temple or tonic with lime at any pub, their primary service is in booze and those alcohol-free drinks are generally designed for non-alcoholics who happen to be designated drivers.

At a sober bar, there are no cocktails. Only mocktails. Everything is risk-free.

Who Visits These Pubs?

In the beginning, these pubs had people who were in rehabilitation in mind. For many individuals, this can be uncomfortable. It’s isolating to be inserted a place with only other problem drinkers.

They’re risk-free locations for the man or woman in rehabilitation and their supportive friends, but who else might wish to go?

Well, not everyone chooses to take part in alcohol whatsoever. Many men and women go for teetotalism as a lifestyle despite the fact that they never had an alcohol problem. They have a number of the same concerns with mingling as men and women in recovery. Where do you head if you’re not somebody who consumes alcohol?

Presently, even though we’re in the middle of the health and wellbeing movement, sober pubs are becoming more common amongst the general community. These types of men and women may drink but recognize that drinking isn’t a healthful routine.

Getting a gin and soda without the gin at a sober pub lets them hang out with their buddies in an enjoyable public location sans the booze without feeling like the odd person out.

These bars commonly are not just for recovering problem drinkers anymore. As fewer Americans go in for in frequent alcohol consumption, they’re wonderful gathering locations for everybody.

How Can I Find Sober Bars?

These bars are expanding in worldwide popularity, but that doesn’t suggest that they’re going to be in every city just yet.

If you’re resorting to for your crusade towards alcohol-free pubs, examine specific keywords. “Sober pubs”, “alcohol-free pubs”, “nonalcoholic pubs”, and “mocktail pubs” might point you in the right direction.

Or else, you might manage to locate recovery-friendly pub gatherings even if they aren’t brick-and-mortar pubs that are regularly available. You can easily search for sober pub popups and even saloons with sober nights.

If you’re not locating anything available to the general public, check your neighborhood AA group to see if they do sober club popup events or even sober raves and club evenings.

You Do Not Need To Miss Out: Discover a Sober Bar Today

Being in rehabilitation (or just doing without alcohol) doesn’t have to suggest that you can not go out with your friends and colleagues anymore.

Go for sober bars and get the “pub experience” free from the liquor. You can have a fantastic time with other adults without using alcohol.

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