Sixthreezero Women’s Harlem Park Cruiser Bicycle


Harlem style is timeless, which is why we love this classic design bicycle that’s always in style perfect for riding around enjoying your surroundings with this single-speed Cruiser.

Which is why its kind of, almost, makes too much sense, that Sixthreezero, the classic bike maker create this Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle, it’s a classic single-speed perfect for an afternoon riding with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

bike21Now let’s talk about the bike itself. It’s got that cool cruiser comfort you’d need on a bike ride from Riverside Park to Harlem Meer in Central Park, painted earth tones of brown and beige. With a classic gentle bucket saddle with complementary color stitching and matching grips, and front and back wheel fenders stop that splash which might come long a ride.

seat and fenders

Perfect timing for the summer.

Price: $ 299.99 (5 star)

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