Seventh Church of Christ, Harlem, 1919-1920

Orig 1920 Harlem Christian Science Seventh Church New York CityThe original edifice of the Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist was built in 1919 at 516 West 112th Street in Harlem, New York.

Adjacent to the church on the left hand side is a 3-story building, with a wooden white picket fence next to it, and a 6 story apartment unit on the right side. Designed by Griffin & Wynkoop, the Greek Revival building had a windowless façade that featured three doors framed by pediments.SeventhCS1921

In 1920, the areas has already changed. Adjacent to the church on the left hand side now is a shorter story stone building on the left and right hand side (though we can’t see the entire building).

Do yo know anything about this building?

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