Senator John F. Kennedy Speaks In Front Of Hotel Theresa, New York, NY, 1960, (Video)

Here is a rare video of remarks made by the then Democratic party presidential candidate Senator John F. Kennedy. The speech was recorded at a public rally outside the historic Hotel Theresa at 2080 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd., in Harlem, NY, October 12, 1960.

John F. Kennedy was on the podium with his wife Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Shirley Chisholm, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and many other supporters sat on the podium with him as he spoke.

In Kennedy’s push for equality he said:


”If a Negro baby is born here and a white baby is born next door, that Negro baby’s chance of finishing high school is about 60 percent of the white baby. This baby’s chance of getting through college is about a third of that baby’s. His chance of being unemployed is four times that baby’s. His chance of owning a house is one-third. His chance of educating his children is that much less. His chance of being a Federal district judge is non-existent because there aren’t any.”

Read the entire speech here.

Here’s the video:

Via Helmer Reenberg on Youtube

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