Seitu’s World: 29th Annual Salute to Mother’s Celebration

seitu mom1By Seitu Oronde

The 29th Annual Salute to Mother’s Celebration at the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation in Brooklyn, New York kicked off on Monday, May 8th 2014 with all the incredible mothers from all over New York City.

Above it’s was mothers Justice Sylvia G. Ash, Pat Chin, Collette Burnett, Justice Sylvia Hinds- Radix, and Sharon Joyeau.

seitu mom2Joined by George Hulse, Faye Rodney, Mr. La Guerre, Yverose Louime La Guerre, Karl Rodney, Pat Chin, and guest.
seitu mom3George Hulse, Harlem’s Mr & Mrs Jackie Rowe Adams, Faye Rodney, and Karl Rodney.
seitu mom4Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Ana R. Olivero.
seitu mom5Center honoree were Marcia Pitter with Family and Faye and Karl Rodney.

seitu mom6George Hulse, Justice Sylvia G. Ash, Yverose Louime La Guerre, Hyacinth Simns, guest, Dr. Ana R. Olivero, guest, Justice Sylvia Hinds- Radix, and her husband.Mothers are doing great work all over this great city and it’s great to see their work and themselves acknowledged in such a way.

Happy mother’s day to one and all.

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