Seitu’s World: Former Governor Of New York State David Paterson Talks On The State Of Harlem

By Seitu Oronde

On Tuesday, June 14th, 2022, at the boutique on the corner of 132st Street, at Adam Clayton Powell boulevard there was a strategic meeting addressing the state of the Harlem community. 

The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, former Governor of New York State – David Patterson Vy Higginson – founder of “Mama I Want To Sing” representatives from Assemblywoman, Inez Dicken’s office, Princess Jenkins from the brownstone, and others were present to discuss the concerns, the survival of Harlem and maintaining its blackness, economic and educational welfare in the community.

There were excellent presentations that added the school systems, housing, and Harlem’s many resources that make it a thriving and powerful Community which is the reason why other people want to take control and want Harlem back.

David Patterson gave a presentation on how the department of education it’s still operating under the agricultural system and which students attend class in the morning at 9 am and leave at 6 pm. So parents have an opportunity to manage families schedules better.

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Lloyd Williams CEO and president of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce discuss how their 17 institutions of learning in Harlem from 96th Street to 165th Street, East to West as well as churches and many business offices make Harlem very convenient.

The meeting concluded with an understanding that a “Tiger Team” will be put in place to maintain and correct the deficiencies that are in Harlem who mutual support.

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Photo credit: 1-6) Seitu Oronde.

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