Sankofa: AfroLatin@s And The United States’ Racial Landscape With Dr. Griselda Rodriguez In Harlem

To centralize the histories, culture, and brilliance of Africans of Latin American descent, we present Sankofa: AfroLatin@s and the United States’ Racial Landscape with Dr. Griselda Rodriguez.
Sankofa” is a workshop that offers a much-needed conversation about Afro-Latin@s in the United States. Sankofa is a major symbol for the Akan people of Ghana; its principles teach us the value of reclaiming one’s past as a way to move forward in light. This conversation is thus rooted in a series of readings on the historical trajectory of Africans of Latin American descent in the United States. Its larger goal is to expand the narrative of Blackness in the United States beyond North American borders.

There is a need for Afro-Latin@s to continuously take seats at the tables of race-based mobilization that have been reignited within post-Trump USA in particular. At the same time, if large-scale mobilization is to occur within a globalizing world, the sphere of Blackness in the US must be expanded. “Sankofa” will teach us how Afro-Latin@s challenge the anti-Black racism that plagues Latino Americans while simultaneously challenging the limited sphere from which Blackness is conceptualized in the United States. In the end, “Sankofa” is part of a legacy of resistance that Africans have created since they first step foot on Caribbean soil in the 15th century.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 6:30 PM

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Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, 120 East 125th Street, New York, NY 10035,

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