Salters Scene: New Year’s Eve At Angel of Harlem

photo by udo salters photography at Angel of Harlem

By Udo Salters

Times Square was packed and so was Angel of Harlem. The cool lounge restaurant on 122nd and Fredrick Douglas was calm and quite until 10:30 pm EST.


WBLS’ DJ Jon Quick got on the decks, the scene from time square was on the two large screens and the people began to fill in for the free New Year’s Eve party.

Angel of Harlem Staff

As it got closer to midnight, Quick played the 2015 big hits from Bieber to ratchet. The drinks were flowing, people were eating up that caribbean cuisine and laughing. Then the countdown began 3, 2, 1! 2016! Hugs and kisses all around. Quick took his blazer off and the party went into overdrive.


After midnight, well into 2016 with people heading to the next party Angel of Harlem was still packed with a line outside. Cold party goers were outside waiting to get into this hot party.


You can keep up with DJ Jon Quick on Twitter DJ Jon Quick or catch him on air at WBLS. For more information about Angel of Harlem check out

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Photo credit: 1) DJ Jon Quick and Angel of Harlem’s Anahi Angelone 2) Guests. 3) Angel of Harlem Staff. 3-4) Guests.

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